Oracle's StorageTek VSM and VLE Systems

Oracle StorageTek VSM

Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 7 automates and optimizes the storage and protection of mainframe data and natively tiers it to cloud storage so you can accelerate applications, streamline backup and archiving tape operations, and reduce costs. Only Oracle StorageTek VSM 7 manages the public cloud just like on-premises disk storage.

  • Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager and Virtual Library Extension Systems side angled view

    Back up and retrieve mainframe data at disk media speeds.

  • Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager and Virtual Library Extension Systems front view

    Adapt industry-leading disaster recovery policies to meet your exact needs.

  • Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager and Virtual Library Extension Systems angled door view

    Support varied workload demands while leveraging the cost savings of tape.

Oracle StorageTek VSM overview

Engineered for Cloud

  • Take advantage of cloud economics with the only mainframe virtual storage solution with native access to an infinite pool of storage in the cloud
  • Reduce the need for expensive, mainframe, primary storage by offloading backup and archive copies to lower-cost virtual tape, physical tape, and cloud storage
  • Support multiple workloads and up to 211 PB of storage capacity on premises with a secure, high-performance, scale-out architecture based on Oracle’s new SPARC M7 processor
  • Streamline management, enhance data protection, improve disaster recovery, and minimize costs with easy-to-use, policy-based data management with integrated data deduplication and compression
  • Maximize mainframe data availability and simplify disaster recovery with a fully redundant, highly available design
  • Lower overall TCO with automated, policy-based use of four storage tiers, including local or remote tape libraries and the cloud
  • Leverage the powerful Oracle StorageTek VSM 7 technology and native cloud storage access in heterogeneous environments
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RL Polk leverages HCC
Constellation Research: The Cloud Meets the Mainframe

Oracle StorageTek VSM 7 is a further proof point of the Oracle 'chip to click' technology stack, deployed either seamlessly on premises or in Oracle Cloud. (4:56)

— Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and VP, Constellation Research
Dragon Slayer Consulting
Oracle VSM 7 has brought mainframe users into the cloud age. For the first time ever, mainframes can get the same hybrid cloud storage advantages as open systems users for data protection and archiving, but even more importantly, direct access both locally and in the Oracle cloud.
-- Marc Staimer, President, Dragon Slayer Consulting
Enterprise Storage Group
With its VSM 7 Oracle is bringing mainframe-caliber data protection to heterogeneous systems users. Its native tiering to the Oracle Public Cloud’s storage and archive services will no doubt extend the market potential. Furthermore, the enterprise-caliber Oracle Public Cloud adds a compelling and affordable storage alternative for mainframe customers.
-- Mark Peters, Practice Director and Senior Analyst, ESG
Oracle is offering the IBM z mainframe ecosystem an “edge” device front-end strategy to the Oracle Storage Cloud. The VSM 7 solution offers high- performance local copy well integrated with very low-cost cloud storage. This represents a marked change for CIOs who can now leverage the consumption economics of the cloud for their mainframe-class data.
-- David Floyer, Chief Technology Officer, Wikibon
Constellation Research, Inc.
As enterprises transition to cloud to enable next-generation applications that create exabytes of data, storage becomes mission-critical. Many next-generation application use cases stand or fall with the TCO, availability and flexibility of storage. Data gravity is another key consideration for CxOs facing storage problems. Combined with statutory data-residency challenges, the flexibility to be able to expand storage both on premises and in the cloud is very important. Being able to extend and utilize existing investments in on-premises architecture with modern storage offerings is highly desired, as large bulk investments of combinations of compute and storage on-premise are less desirable going forward.
-- Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst & VP, Constellation Research, Inc.

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