Oracle Utilities Customer Information Systems (CIS)

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service (SaaS) and Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter (on-premises) bring industry-leading meter data management, customer care, and billing capabilities into a single, unified solution that supports modern utilities’ customer care operations.

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Oracle Utilities Customer Platform

Oracle Utilities’ Customer Platform gives utilities a unified metering, customer service, and billing management platform with the benefits of a shared database and technology stack. The result is truly integrated, automated, and intelligent customer-facing operations.

Improve call center performance

A single, intuitive user interface gives call center agents complete meter to cash to customer visibility, displaying the right information in the right context to enable more efficient, consistent, and comprehensive customer care.

Provide personalized service

Recommend the best programs, products, and next actions to your customers based on insights derived from unified meter, account, service, and communications data.

Reduce call-handling time

An intelligent agent portal with automated workflows and easily configurable process wizards ensures accuracy, increases efficiency, and enables both new and experienced agents to deliver better service to your customers.

Automate manual processes

Built-in modules for service order management, operational device management, and native integrations to Oracle Financials and CX solutions make it easy to automate business processes across your organization—reducing manual workloads and enhancing customer service delivery.

Elevate customer experience

Legacy CIS solutions were not built for modern customer experiences, but the Oracle Utilities customer platform is built with connectivity, automation, and intelligence at the core, laying the foundation for reaching your customer engagement goals.

Understand your customers

Get a true 360-degree understanding of your customers through connected usage, account history, communication preferences, and more—all available in a single customer agent desktop.

Connect across channels

Reach customers where they choose to engage, tailoring communications and engagement to their preferred channels and timing. Deliver consistent brand experiences synced across web, mobile apps, SMS, email, self-service, chat and phone.

Insight-driven offerings and proactive recommendations

Machine learning (ML) and intelligent insights make it easy to deliver recommendations to customers, whether on the phone with agents or through digital communication.

Make self-service easy

Empower customers to self-serve for common activities such as account management, start-stop-transfer, payments, and appointment setting—all with real-time updates to the database.

Key account management

Oracle Utilities customer platform makes it easy to deliver high-value service and complex billing for commercial and industrial customers and other key accounts.

Become a trusted business partner

Give your key accounts what they need to succeed. Key account-specific tools and channels let you engage your biggest revenue sources with the focused care and communications they require.

Complex and custom billing

Tailor billing and payments to the needs of key accounts while reducing manual processing. A powerful rate and billing engine supports complex bill calculations but makes it easy for users to build, test, and customize rates and calculations through an intuitive interface.

Complex billing

Make billing easy and accurate with a billing engine trusted by utilities across market and regulatory environments worldwide. Easily configure, test, and roll-out new rates and manage calculation rules with no coding or scripting required.

Rate management

Handle complex rate calculations easily with convenient point-and-click configuration tools (no coding required) and out-of-box readiness for residential, commercial, and wholesale market rate calculations.

More value from metering

Built-in meter data management brings meter and customer data together in a shared database to enhance operations, enrich customer experience, and provide flexibility for smart meter investments today and tomorrow.

Flexibility to fit your AMI strategy

Still deploying smart meters? Not started yet? No problem. Upgrade customer operations now while laying a foundation for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) success later. As smart meter initiatives develop, advanced metering capabilities are already built in and available to stand up.

Enhance smart meter rollouts

Get value from day one of your meter programs. Flag faulty meters fast so repairs are made before field crews leave their deployment areas.

Take diagnostics even further, using built-in data visualization to go beyond basic meter metrics and see trends in rollout performance. Leverage built-in service order management to automate repairs from flag to fix.

Proactively address leaks and loss

Transform meter and device data into meaningful insights. Oracle’s advanced metering capabilities help utilities see how their networks of wires or pipes are performing at the customer level. This trustworthy, granular data visibility makes it easier to find losses from both technical and non-technical origins.

Enrich customer engagement

Meter data is an important element in developing a 360-degree relationship with your customer. Empower your agents to help customers reduce their energy usage during peak hours, take advantage of new programs, and effectively address calls about bills.

Smarter tech enables better service

Fortify IT infrastructure with self-repairing, self-securing, self-monitoring tools and more. Empower teams with data-driven insights and automated intelligent business flows, and engage customers with truly personalized, AI-fueled programs.

The true SaaS difference

Many vendors offer “cloud” solutions, but Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service is much more than hosting and managed services. Oracle SaaS solutions are vertically integrated—from data center to environments to applications—and supported by Oracle Cloud and utility professionals.

Never upgrade again

Say goodbye to expensive, disruptive upgrade projects every few years. Get the latest patches and new features delivered in small updates throughout the year so you can stay ahead of industry trends and always be current.

Faster go-lives

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service is preconfigured for industry best practices and includes libraries of prebuilt configurations and integration interfaces. An accelerated implementation package delivers your CIS in months, not years.

Refocus IT resources on innovation

Free up your IT team to support business innovation rather than to keep systems running. Security patching, system maintenance, data backups, and more are all handled by Oracle Cloud services.

Stability and cybersecurity

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data centers give small and large utilities the benefits of a global cloud provider, including limitless scalability, easy backup and recovery, cybersecurity, autonomous patching, and support from Oracle Cloud experts.

A cloud-first philosophy has transformed Grant County PUD

Derin Bluhm provides an insider view into the cloud strategy of a rural US utility.

Customer Information System value propositions

01Drive customer engagement with Opower energy insights

Discover how AI and behavioral science can empower customers to make energy choices that could change the world.

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02Engage customers with true omnichannel service

Deliver consistent, connected experiences to your customers across channels.

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03Enhance commercial account management

Blend sales and service to deliver value beyond the commodity.

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Autonomous CIS

From self-driving vacuum cleaners to self-driving cars, automation can have a big impact on life—and work. It can also transform the way you serve customers, and radically improve the way you drive personalized engagement to each and every one.

The future of the customer platform is autonomous.

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Cloud CIS for smaller utilities

Cloud is changing the customer information system marketplace for smaller, resource-limited utilities, making world-class functionality more accessible than ever. Gain perspective from the real-life projects of fellow utilities and get insights on key considerations when taking CIS to the cloud.

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Oracle Industries Innovation Lab

The Oracle Industries Innovation Lab offers real-world modeling of utility operations, customer experiences, and cutting-edge technologies. Oracle has invested millions of dollars into this lab to help utilities imagine, experiment, and test new ideas—with a catalog of utility-specific scenarios and exhibits to explore.

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