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Top Travel Providers Keep Customer Data Safe with Oracle Database Security

Preparing for summer vacations? Some of the world's largest travel companies rely on Oracle Database Security to safeguard sensitive customer and corporate information, including Sabre Holdings, Hanatour International Service and Diamond Resorts International.

Sabre Holdings: PCI Compliance with No Application Changes
If you've booked travel online, chances are you have used Sabre Holdings technology. Sabre built the first passenger reservation system in 1960, and has grown into the world’s largest software-as-a-service provider to the aviation industry, serving more than 300 airlines and more than 100 airports around the world.

Sabre Holdings processes millions of transactions involving credit card numbers and other sensitive, personally identifiable information, which makes PCI compliance a critical concern. At the same time, Sabre solutions involve millions of lines of code, making it a necessity to find a solution that minimizes changes to existing applications. Oracle Advanced Security met all their requirements.

"We didn't have to change our applications at all, which meant time-to-market was a lot quicker and we didn't have to spend hundreds of hours modifying code," says Billy Tong, senior principle database architect, Sabre Holdings.

Hanatour International Service: Defense in Depth Database Security
South Koreans planning to book a holiday invariably turn to Hanatour as the leading provider of overseas travel services and air tickets for the past 12 years. Hanatour has a network of tour service specialists in 26 regions, as well as travel agents worldwide.

To protect its reputation as a leading tour service operator, Hanatour upgraded to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition, to take advantage of database security and audit features in Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Database Vault, and Oracle Audit Vault.

These enhanced features provide a database defense in depth set of solutions that help protect customer data by introducing data encryption, privileged user access control, and database activity monitoring and reporting. As well, the company has been able to meet compliance requirements by implementing audit measures that track database access.

Diamond Resorts International: Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley
One of the largest hospitality companies in the world, Las Vegas-based Diamond Resorts International, has more than 200 branded and affiliated resorts in 28 countries. According to Ian Donaldson, vice president of financial systems, such wide-ranging operations involve high volumes of data, plus multiple systems, databases, and storage instances.

To help protect sensitive data while also complying with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, the company turned to Oracle Audit Vault, which reduces the cost and complexity of compliance, as well as the risk of insider threats, by automating the collection and consolidation of audit data.

Donaldson further notes that other critical benefits include support for both Oracle and non-Oracle environments and out-of-the-box reporting, so auditors can quickly audit database activity.

Learn more about Oracle Advanced Security, Oracle Database Vault, and Oracle Audit Vault.

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