Oracle Key Vault

Centralized Encryption Key Management

Oracle Key Vault enables customers to quickly deploy encryption and other security solutions by centrally managing encryption keys, Oracle Wallets, Java Keystores, and credential files.

  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Centralizes keys in a modern, secure, and robust key management platform
  • Secures, shares, and manages keys and secrets for the enterprise
  • Manages key lifecycle stages including creation, rotation, and expiration
  • Seamlessly enrolls and provision server endpoints
  • Audits all access to keys and key lifecycle changes
  • Monitor key management activity with reports and alerts
  • Separate administrator duties for increased security
  • Maintain availability and disaster recovery for continuous uptime
  • Support OASIS KMIP standard for integration flexibility


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