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Jeff Erickson
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Well ahead of self-driving cars, autonomous tech is already delivering value in other industries. We bring you four examples and tell you what leaders think is next. Also, find out why finance departments need to “go Tesla” by 2025 and what a healthcare CIO is doing to divert more of his resources to patient care. Plus, get tips on making your notification services and functions easier to manage.

Jeff Erickson, Oracle 
Autonomous Tech
Autonomous Tech Is Moving Fast
Self-driving bulldozers. Self-tuning databases. Self-diagnosing medical apps, with no doctor involved. While futuristic self-driving cars get all the publicity, the fastest change from autonomous tech will likely come in other industries, which are already getting value from these AI-driven systems. Learn about these real-world examples and more in our in-depth story on this trend, Autonomous in Action
Autonomous Survey
Survey: Autonomous Tech Poised to Transform Industries 
In a recent Oracle survey, nearly 70% of respondents cited reducing errors and accidents as an important benefit from autonomous technology, making it the most cited benefit. The survey also asked which industries will be using autonomous tech significantly in next five years. Information technology led the way, with manufacturing close behind. Where does your industry land?
Varun Dhir, Deloitte
Position Your Finance Department to “Go Tesla” by 2025
For a clear vision of what a leading finance department will look like in 2025, think of a Tesla factory: highly automated, streamlined, and focused on innovation. To get there, advises Deloitte’s Varun Dhir, CFOs should ask two critical questions: How do I, as a finance function, support the fast-digitizing business? And how do I digitize the finance organization itself? Here are three predictions from Deloitte on the future of finance.
St. Joseph Health
Healthcare Technology Should Just Work
BJ Moore, CIO of Providence St. Joseph Health, knew caregivers and employees needed simple, accessible, and unified ERP and human capital management (HCM) technology behind the scenes. “Every minute we save our caregivers, is another minute they can spend on patient care,” he writes. “Every dollar we save…is a dollar we can provide to our underserved communities.” Moore’s next move
Tech Dive: What’s New with Notifications and Functions?
The Oracle Notification Service (ONS) and Oracle Functions teams have been hard at work on improvements to make your life a little easier. For example, you can now combine these two services and add your serverless function as a subscription to your notification topic, opening up many possible integrations.  
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