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Week of May 11, 2020

This week: Discover why second-generation architectures are better. Read about the Oracle APEX community’s 24-hour online teach-in and the way Oracle powers Zoom. Plus, learn how to eliminate pesky code review antipatterns. 
“Having the infrastructure, database, and blockchain application running on one platform made it so much easier for us to expand our platform very quickly and at scale.”
retraced Cofounder and CTO Peter Merkert
Ed Screven
5 Exec Insights on Gen 2 Cloud
Edward Screven, Oracle’s chief corporate architect, discusses why Oracle runs on a second-generation cloud architecture. And executives from four other companies share their own reasons for making the shift.
Jyoti Fair-Works
Tech for “Fair Fashion”
Jyoti - Fair Works uses retraced’s blockchain application to give customers a view into the fashion label’s supply chain, helping validate the company’s commitment to offer living-wage employment and healthcare to disadvantaged women in India.
APEX 24-hour tour
APEX’s 24-Hour World Tour
A trio of Oracle Application Express (APEX) developers had a crazy idea: Host a 24-hour online conference highlighting innovative, useful, and sometimes quirky APEX apps, and have developers talk about how they built them. Yes, they pulled it off.
Zoom Taps Oracle 
In April, 300 million people per day joined a Zoom meeting—a leap of 50% from just the previous month. The company tapped Oracle to meet the surge, using Oracle’s cloud infrastructure that was built to handle high-volume, high-reliability demands such as videoconferencing.
Agroscout Podcast
Crops, Drones, and Data Science
The CEO of Oracle Cloud customer AgroScout discusses how his company uses drones, photos, and data science for early detection of pests and diseases that threaten agricultural crops.
Tech Library
Five Code Review Antipatterns, from Java Magazine

What Is a Converged Database?

5 Best Practices for Kubernetes Security

Quickly Connect Oracle Eloqua with Zoom

Getting Started with GitHub Actions

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service: 15 Minutes to Hello World

Find Training and Certification Offers
JASCI Speeds Next-Day Orders
Manufacturers and retailers use JASCI Software’s cloud-based warehouse management software to accelerate order fulfillment operations. JASCI Software runs on Oracle Autonomous Database to make sure the orders always keep flowing.
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Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service Workshop
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