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Week of May 25, 2020

This week: How new analytics tools are answering HR’s toughest questions and cloud oomph is helping HR software better handle the most complex staffing scenarios. Plus, more stories of careers lifted by Oracle APEX. Also: Altair marries wind and fluid modeling with machine design.
“Companies are looking to report not just how many employees they have and how much time they spend on projects, but also how they fit into the culture.”
Bruno Aziza, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle Analytics
Manisha Gupta HR analytics
What HR wants from analytics
Manisha Gupta and her Oracle development team spent more than two years asking HR leaders what they want to understand about their organizations but can’t assess.
Altair GPU
GPU chips power AI advances
Engineering and design software company Altair offers their computational fluid dynamics software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, showing the power of new GPU capabilities.
Workforce Software
Hazard pay during full moons?
A move to the cloud helped WorkForce Software calculate pay against endless variations of work conditions—even lunar phases, if required.
Oracle APEX Careers
How Oracle APEX changes careers
A factory manager turned consultant, and a horse massage therapist turned app entrepreneur—read these and other stories of careers reinvented, from Oracle APEX community members.
Java 25 Podcast
Java celebrates 25 years
Bob Rhubart’s monthly podcast
Developers share their thoughts on the 25th anniversary of Java—the “technology that powers the world,” running on 3 billion devices worldwide and used by more than 12 million developers.
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The Co-op
The Co-op: Groceries for good
Oracle Cloud helped the British grocery chain hire 20,000 staffers yearly and achieve an offer acceptance rate of 98 percent after identifying and targeting the best-fit candidates.
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