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Week of June 8, 2020

This week: Amid the challenges caused by COVID-19, restaurants are pivoting to new business models, CFOs are making crucial changes, and utilities are stepping up to help customers. Plus, Oracle Cloud delivers the newest NVIDIA GPUs.
“We’ve always worked for the betterment of our businesses, but now I think everyone is working for the betterment of each other and trying to be as useful and supportive as possible.”
Patric Yumul, President of MINA Group
MINA Group
Restaurants reset
MINA Group and Boudin show the different strategies that restaurants are taking to serve customers and care for employees.
CFO Challenges
4 challenges for CFOs
CFOs need to change how they handle cash flow, the supply chain, HR, and customers as they face what’s likely the toughest test of their careers.
Keeping the lights on
As millions of people stay home and many face economic hardship, utilities are taking measures, including lowering bills and suspending disconnects while working to keep their employees safe.
New generation of GPUs
New cloud instances
A powerful new generation of GPUs, the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, will help Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users unlock even more value from their data.
cloud threat report
Security first
The new Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020 examines cloud adoption trends and how businesses can navigate the current threat landscape.
Tech library
Simplifying security with Oracle Data Safe

Deploying a microservice Docker container to Kubernetes

Dynamic CPU scaling in Oracle Database 19c

Announcing Oracle Visual Builder Platform
Vodafone Fiji
Vodafone Fiji gets smart, fast
Vodafone Fiji moved to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics to handle a threefold increase in data over 18 months due to acquisitions.
Analyze Desktop
Oracle Code Online
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Oracle OpenWorld
Las Vegas | September 21–24
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