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Week of June 22, 2020

This week: Find out how professional teams are feeding fans’ hunger for sports during COVID-19, learn four questions you should be asking SAP, and hear how companies are reworking their supply chains to be nimbler. Plus: Utilities calm customer anxiety.
“If you weren’t thinking about reimagining how work gets done in the company…and how you can increase automation, you’ll need to look at that now, because you need every advantage you can get.”
Brian Sommer, Industry Analyst and Founder of TechVentive
Sports during pandemic
Crunch time
With no live games due to the pandemic, sports marketers are getting creative with digital activities to keep fans interested and engaged.
SAP Questions
Four questions for SAP
If you attend an SAP conference such as last week’s SAPPHIRE, here are a few questions we at Oracle think you might want to ask.
Supply Chain
Risk management
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, companies are making supply chain adjustments that could set their path for the next decade or longer.
Utility Companies
Energy-saving guidance
Utilities are changing the kind of information they provide customers during the pandemic, as residential energy use spikes and consumers’ concerns shift.
Podcast with Daniel Hulme
The machines are learning
Daniel Hulme, CEO of AI products and consulting company Satalia, discusses why it’s “not sensible” to benchmark machines against humans.
Tech library
How does AutoML impact machine learning?

An upgrade to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science notebook session environment

Simplifying security with Oracle Data Safe

Accelerate adoption and productivity with cloud training
Built for resiliency
7-Eleven consolidated production and disaster recovery for Oracle E-Business Suite and other applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
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