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Week of July 27, 2020

This week: Oracle developed a cloud-based system to identify and screen volunteers for a critical COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. Plus: Three companies rapidly adapt to pandemic-caused changes in the markets they serve, and FedEx Services shows its resilience.
“We’ve made an excellent start with [clinical trial] registration, but we have a long way to go.”
Oracle’s Rebecca Laborde
Vaccine trials
Vaccine trials
The first Phase 3 clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine needs 30,000 US adult participants, and subsequent vaccine trials will require at least 1 million people for consideration. Read about the research here—or sign up for the trial here.
Fast adaptation
Fast adaptation
A corporate events company, a clinical AI company, and a furniture manufacturer responded quickly as the pandemic dramatically altered the markets they serve.
FedEx’s resilience
FedEx Services’ Chris Wood explains how and why the company has stuck to its cloud implementation schedule to improve its global financial visibility and its ability to deal with any future crisis.
Groundbreakers podcast
What’s what
Groundbreakers monthly podcast
Understanding the differences between cloud native and low-code development is essential to choosing the right approach for your project. Four developers share how they make the right decision. 
Tech library
Three ways to reinvent higher education right now

Low code goes pro

What Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer and Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer can do

How to automate the creation of the secondary virtual network interface card for Windows Server
60x performance
Network connectivity vendor Cisco Systems achieves 60 times better performance and reduces costs by 90 percent for its Tetration SaaS application using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Analyze Desktop
Use the data you have to improve planning
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