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Get a Unified View of Your Customer

How well do you know your customers? It’s not easy today. Customers use more devices than ever before—across more channels. They interact with companies and brands through many doorways, both online and offline. Yet, the data from these interactions is often siloed, preventing a more holistic view of customer behavior. Oracle ID Graph solves this fragmentation challenge by connecting active, disparate data sources into a single view of your customer. With it, you can achieve a level of messaging personalization and relevance like never before.

Win with Smart Data

Oracle ID Graph reaches more than 90 percent of US online consumers by connecting active cookies, mobile IDs, emails, registrations, and social IDs. It breaks down the silos, enabling you to build audiences you can prospect, connect, and personalize for every customer interaction.

  • Leverage active IDs for recency and accuracy
  • Activate marketing experiences across platforms for an individual
  • Accurately measure media exposure, engagement, and sales

Connect to the Consumer

Oracle ID Graph gives you confidence that you’re reaching the right people across all their touchpoints.

  • Create a relevant customer experience with consistent messages and offers across all channels
  • Reduce wasted spend by targeting the right individuals
  • Measure sales impact with greater accuracy by connecting media exposure to an individual