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Think Autonomous

Oracle Virtual Events


Join Oracle for a webcast series that explores the various benefits of Oracle Autonomous Database. We will present a walk through of the Autonomous Data Warehouse service and Autonomous Transaction Processing and will highlight use cases that can help you unleash the power of your data. We invite you to watch on-demand today.

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    • Unlock the Value of Your HR Data
      Learn how simple it is for a person in HR to create dashboards that aim to create a people advantage.
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    • Unlock the Value of Your Procurement Data
      Find out how to optimise an organisation's entire supply chain operation with Oracle.
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    • Unlock the Value of Your Sales Data
      See how Oracle analytics can provide real-time actionable insights into every sales opportunity.
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    • Unlock the Value of Your Marketing Data
      Leverage machine learning and AI to gain insight into your customers and the market.
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