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Oracle Customer Success—Hamilton Island Ltd.

Hamilton Island Ltd.

Hamilton Island Engages Top Talent Faster, Increases Recruiter Productivity by 30%, and Cuts Annual Agency Costs by US$237,000 with HR Cloud


Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud provides a scalable and highly configurable solution to automate our recruitment and onboarding processes, enabling us to engage the best-qualified talent faster, increase recruiter productivity by 30%, and cut annual employment agency costs by US$237,000.

— Samuel Cordoba, Talent and Employee Relations Manager, Hamilton Island Ltd.

Owned and operated by the Oatley family since 2003, Hamilton Island Ltd. runs an iconic resort and tourism center in the Whitsunday Islands, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef—one of the world’s seven natural wonders. It offers a broad selection of accommodations, restaurants, retail services, yacht club, marina, and sports and leisure activities. Hamilton Island also invests millions of dollars each year to ensure two-third of the island remains in its pristine, natural state, including disposing of waste and utilizing power resources in the most environmentally friendly manner.
Previously, Hamilton Island used manual spreadsheets to manage its recruitment processes. Recruiters lacked the visibility needed to track and gain insight into recruitment status, which delayed turnaround time for the entire hiring process. With skill-shortages in the hospitality industry, and an occupancy rate of more than 80% across its accommodation businesses, Hamilton Island needed to attract and engage the most customer-centric talents quickly and further enhance its leading brand image. It also wanted to personalize the onboarding process and increase new-hire satisfaction.
By implementing Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud), specifically Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud for midsize companies, Hamilton Island standardized and automated its recruitment and onboarding processes, enabling recruiters to identify and engage the best-qualified talents faster. It also increased recruiter productivity by 30%, and cut annual employment-agency spending by 94%. Hamilton Island can now personalize onboarding tasks, enabling new employees to start work right away and enhancing competitive edge.
  • Boosts Recruiter Productivity by 30% and Reduces Annual Agency Costs by US$237,000
    Before adopting Oracle HCM Cloud, Hamilton Island had no standardized process to track and manage candidate information. Recruiters needed to search through multiple spreadsheets and e-mail inboxes and manually screen applications, including background and reference checks, for a high volume of job applications. This significantly challenged recruiters’ ability to identify and secure the right talent quickly enough to fill an average 70 vacant positions per month in the island workforce. With hotel-occupancy rates reaching up to 95% during peak seasons—including school holidays and Christmas—and high skills-shortages in areas, such as culinary, Hamilton Island needed to improve recruitment efficiency and meet critical staffing demands.
    By implementing Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, the company automated prescreening and ranking processes, enabling recruiters to screen out 90% of disqualified applications—such as reducing 120 applications to as few as 10 applications—and quickly engage in-demand candidates, such as professional chefs. Such efficiencies support faster hiring decisions and minimize reliance on employment agencies to fill positions, allowing the company to cut annual agency spending by 94%— from US$251,821 to approximately US$14,400. It also increased management and staff satisfaction ratings by 1.3x—more than 90 points rather than below 70 points previously—leading to improved customer service and enhanced brand image.
    “We received more than 13,000 applications for 950 positions last year. With our legacy spreadsheet-based recruitment process, we would not have achieved the efficiency that our business required,” said Samuel Cordoba, talent and employee relations manager, Hamilton Island Ltd. “Thanks to the flexible and scalable Oracle HCM Cloud, we boosted our recruiters’ productivity by 30%, enabling them to focus on identifying the right talent for our organization— instead of spending time on administrative work.”
    In addition, recruiters used to manually prepare job requisitions and contracts and send them for approval before making a candidate an offer via postal mail or through multiple e-mails. It was a time-consuming process and compromised the company’s ability to engage candidates quickly and increased the risk of losing the best available talent.
    Thanks to Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud’s configurable workflow feature, Hamilton Island automated its hiring-approval process, allowing recruiters to easily customize requisitions and contracts for different positions, including wait staff, childcare workers, chefs, and gardeners. Candidates can also access and upload the signed contract via the career portal anywhere anytime, eliminating the need to respond to an offer through mail, fax machine, or scanner.
    “We can now send candidates an offer, have them sign the contract and return it to us on the same day. This allowed us to engage and hire the best-qualified talents faster, which is a huge benefit for us,” Cordoba said.
    Finally, Oracle HCM Cloud’s mobile capability enabled HR team members to easily access the system from a laptop or mobile device even when they are attending an event, such as a hospitality expo. This helped to further increase recruitment efficiency.
  • Streamlines Recruitment and Onboarding Processes, Improves Data Integrity
    To sustain its leading position in the hospitality industry, Hamilton Island wanted to present the right picture and set candidates’ expectations of the high-quality service standard that staff should deliver to guests.
    “We are looking for full-time professionals who aspire to a long-term career in the hospitality industry and can deliver the quality of service our guests expect,” Cordoba said. “By using the highly configurable Oracle HCM Cloud, we can personalize our connection with candidates and attract those who meet our criteria.”
    Furthermore, the legacy disparate spreadsheet-based system could not provide insight into recruitment status, such as number of positions filled or approved, time to fill, workflow reporting and cost per hire. With Oracle HCM Cloud, Hamilton Island gained a single repository for the entire hiring process that enables recruiters to easily generate reports from the dashboard instead of logging into multiple applications. By integrating Oracle HCM Cloud seamlessly with third-party applications, such as the payroll system and video-interviewing software, the organization further simplified its recruitment and onboarding processes. For example, it can easily and effectively interview candidates from dispersed locations, including New Zealand, North and South America, and Europe, and has eliminated the need to update data in different systems, ensuring data integrity.
  • Increases New Employee Satisfaction, Enhances Competitive Edge
    To achieve a seamless hiring process—from receiving initial applications to onboarding—Hamilton Island used Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to automate and tailor new-hire welcome packages to specific roles and locations, including Sydney-based corporate staff, island-based residents and island-based commuters, and departments such as accommodation or food and beverage. New staff can also complete and e-sign electronic forms in the system and start induction and training programs immediately, instead of spending up to four hours going through paperwork on their first day. This ensured a smooth and efficient onboarding process and increased the satisfaction of new employees.
    “Recruitment is the first point of contact with our business. With hundreds of different roles on the island, we wanted to deliver a personalized service to new hires instead of giving them generic information, and enhance our competitive edge,” Cordoba said.
Business Challenge
  • Automate and standardize the recruitment process by enabling recruiters to identify and engage the best-qualified talent quickly and meet hiring demands for the hospitality business
  • Gain ability to personalize recruitment and onboarding tasks, such as specific welcome pack for island-based staff, to increase employee satisfaction
  • Provide insight for the entire recruitment cycle to support better hiring decisions and enhance competitive edge
  • Cut annual agency spending to just US$14,400 rather than US$251,821 by automating recruitment process with Oracle HCM Cloud and enabling recruiters to rapidly identify and engage in-demand candidates, such as culinary professionals, minimizing reliance on employment agencies to fill positions
  • Increased recruiters’ productivity by 30% by using automatic prescreening and ranking feature to rapidly screen out 90% of disqualified candidates and focus on identifying the right talent, instead of spending time on administrative work
  • Improved recruitment turnaround time by using Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud's flexible workflow feature to automate hiring approval process and allow users to access and upload hiring documents anytime, anywhere instead of e-mailing or posting
  • Supported better hiring decisions by providing insight for the entire hiring process and enabling recruiters to easily create reports with dashboard capability instead of using multiple applications
  • Increased management and staff satisfaction rating by 1.3x by using Oracle HCM Cloud to improve recruitment efficiency
  • Streamlined recruitment process with candidates from multiple countries by integrating Oracle HCM Cloud with third-party applications, such as video-interviewing software, eliminating the need to update data in different systems and ensuring data integrity
  • Improved new employees’ satisfaction by enabling them to access and upload signed forms in the system and start training immediately rather than spending up to four hours on paperwork on their first day
  • Enhanced competitive edge and brand image by personalizing onboarding tasks based on specific roles and locations, such as island-based staff or Sydney-based corporate staff, and departments, including food and beverage or accommodation


We chose Oracle HCM Cloud over five other vendors because it provides a scalable, affordable, and highly configurable recruitment and onboarding solution to meet our specific demands in the hospitality industry. We no longer need to rely on IT staff or worry about downtime, giving us peace of mind.

— Samuel Cordoba, Talent and Employee Relations Manager, Hamilton Island Ltd.


With assistance from Oracle support services, Hamilton Island customized Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to meet its specific business requirements and ensured seamless integration with third-party applications. The new system went live in just five weeks and within budget.

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Published:  Jan 07, 2016