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Oracle Customer Success — Telstra


Telstra Makes Meaningful Connections for Deeper Customer Relationships


Our newly redesigned customer e-newsletter is a valuable channel to help us serve and know our customers better than anyone else.

— Wilhelm De Salvo, Senior Digital Channels Specialist, Telstra

Telstra is a leading Australia-based tier-one telecommunications and media services company offering a full range of communications services. Its international operations are headquartered in Hong Kong, where the company provides wholesale and enterprise customers with a full breadth of holistic and end-to-end solutions across data, voice, satellite, and managed network services. To deliver technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use, Telstra has built Australia’s largest fully integrated IP network and the nation’s largest and most reliable mobile network.
Telstra believes that the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have. As Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, Telstra helps its customers improve their work and daily lives through the connections they make. To that end, Telstra offers Keeping In Touch® (KIT), its flagship monthly consumer email newsletter. KIT is designed to increase customer loyalty and advocacy by regularly communicating with customers about Telstra’s value-added services, while also creating upsell and cross-sell sales opportunities for the company’s core products.

Telstra Connects the Complete Customer Journey with Oracle

For years, Telstra has sent Keeping in Touch (KIT), its flagship customer newsletter, to the entire email marketing base of ~3.5 million customers. The newsletter showcases Telstra’s partnerships, sponsored events, upcoming competitions, and a range of community and customer-centric news and information. But Telstra knew the newsletter could work harder and deliver greater results.
“We’ve always taken care to develop and deliver content that we feel will be of interest to our customers,” says Wilhelm De Salvo, Senior Digital Channels Specialist at Telstra. “Building relationships is about having one-to-one conversations with customers. KIT was a single-version email with very limited segmentation. It was time to start using customer data in ways that fostered meaningful connections.”
Telstra tapped into Oracle Marketing Cloud to relaunch KIT. The redesigned newsletter delivers personalized content to Telstra customers in a vibrant, dynamic email design that is visually striking and highly engaging. Just as importantly, articles in each issue of the newsletter are populated dynamically based on each customer’s contract, customer history, product characteristics, propensity to new services, interests, and past user behavior. For example, new customers receive content that educates them on navigating their online account and making the most of their customer experience.
Within the redesigned KIT, a clean-cut design more effectively shares the Telstra brand. Polling questions encourage recipient feedback to inform future content choices. News banners share compelling facts and special offers. And an easy-to-navigate quick access toolbar offers customers one-click connections to key account information and services—which Telstra customers are already enjoying. All email versions feature a functional component aimed to promote digital adoption of self-service account tools and apps. Telstra wants to let customers know that there are many tools they can use to make life easier. These components are strategically placed at the beginning of each email to give users a fast and easy path to the Telstra services they need.
“Giving our customers easier access to their account data has been one of the greatest benefits of the redesigned newsletter,” says Wilhelm. “The first issue resulted in more than 20,000 logins to online customer accounts, nearly 500 downloads of our account management app, and nearly 300 activations of email bill notifications.”
The new KIT is also helping Telstra drive new revenue. The first issue drove a 21.5 percent lift in incremental revenue over the pre-vious issue and a 16.8 percent uplift in new incremental services in operation. That issue also generated an overall 14 percent increase in customer engagement, driven by 189,000 unique clicks and a unique click-to-open rate of better than 30 percent. 


After this promising start, Telstra hopes to keep improving. The company has specifically developed articles and modules for customers who are new to Telstra, enhancing the onboarding experience for this audience and helping them get more out of the relationship from day one. Telstra is also using behavioural tracking to determine the needs and interests of customers who have been with the company for months or years. By doing so, Telstra can serve up content that will keep these users engaged with the company. Throughout the process, Telstra takes advantage of the newfound ability to test content and make changes with ease.  
“One of the great things about our Oracle Marketing Cloud platform is that we can easily test different elements and content combinations to see what our readers find most engaging,” says Wilhelm. “Each month, we develop articles and modules for many different segments in our audience, and track their interaction with this content over time so that we can continually enhance our relationships.”

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Published:  Apr 29, 2016