Oracle Third Party Data Audiences

Insightful and Actionable

Our third-party data lets you reach consumers across all their channels and devices. So you can make deeper, more meaningful connections.

There’s an audience for everything

Oracle Data Cloud gives marketers access to 5 billion global IDs, $3 trillion in consumer transactions, and more than 1,500 data partners available through the BlueKai Marketplace. With more than 45,000 prebuilt audiences spanning demographic, behavioral, B2B, online, offline, and transactional data, we bring together more data into a single location than any other solution.

Oracle Data Cloud audiences

Oracle Data Cloud audiences combines the best prebuilt and custom online and offline data solutions.

  • Understand how consumers in your CRM interact across the web
  • Reach in-market, past, and lapsed purchasers
  • Reach hard-to-find users with a specific interest or intent
  • Market to your brand advocates and socially active consumers
  • Find users who look like your best customers with best-in-class modeling
  • Get a 360-degree profile of target consumers
Download The Audience Playbook to learn how you can connect to consumers with more than 45K pre-built audiences (PDF)

Branded audiences

Through Oracle’s BlueKai Marketplace, we give you access to 50 market-leading, branded data providers in seven key vertical markets.

  • Understand how consumers in your CRM interact across the web
  • Power lower-funnel campaigns with precision targeting at scale
  • Reach past online purchasers
  • Drive awareness with interest and demographic data at scale
  • Target customers using behavioral, demographic, interest, lifestyle, in-market, and mobile signals
See our full list of branded data providers

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