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April 2021
MySQL Database Service HA = Increased uptime and zero data loss
Blog: MySQL Database Service with High Availability
MySQL Database Service is now easier to use and has flexible deployment options, including High Availability. While creating a new DB System using the web console, users can choose between Standalone, Highly Availability, and HeatWave deployments.

The High Availability option enables applications to meet higher uptime requirements and zero data loss tolerance.

See this blog to learn more about MySQL Database Service High Availability.
New Interview Series video "HeatWave" with Nipun Agarwal
This short 15 minute interview by Shane Atherholt covers:

1. What is MySQL HeatWave
2. Trends that are we seeing already
3. How are customers doing? Feedback we are getting
4. What’s coming down the pipe (new features)
5. How can people get started
Query Performance Health Check - The HeatWave Challenge
Do you want to improve the performance of your slow queries? Sign up today for a HeatWave performance Heath Check.

As part of the Performance Health Check, a MySQL Technician will work closely with your team to run your queries using MySQL Database Service with HeatWave and share the performance improvements.
Other upcoming LIVE Webinars
Learn the many benefits of using MySQL, MySQL Database Service with HeatWave in Oracle Cloud.

Migrating from Amazon Aurora to MySQL Database Service
Wed, Apr 28: 9:00 Pacific time (America)

MySQL Enterprise Edition
Thu, Apr 29: 10:00 Central European time

Running Magento with Oracle MySQL Database Service
Wed, May 5: 9:00 Pacific time (America)

MySQL Database Service & Oracle HeatWave
Thu, May 06: 10:00 Central European time

Solve Slow Data Queries with HeatWave plus MySQL in the Oracle Cloud
Thu, May 13: 11:00 Pacific time (America)

Security in MySQL
Thu, May 27: 10:00 Central European time

Full list of webinars at:
Upcoming virtual events:
MySQL Cloud and Analytics Day - ASEAN
Tue, Apr 27: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM GMT+7 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM GMT+8. ASEAN.

MySQL Cloud Day - in Portuguese
Wed, Apr 28: 10:00 - 13:00 GMT-3

MySQL Cloud Day - in Korean
Wed, Apr 28: 10:00-13:00 Korea Standard Time

MySQL Day Digital Edition - in Italian
Thu, May 13: 10:00-13:00 Central European time

MySQL Day Innovation and Cloud - in French
Wed, May 19: 10:00-13:00 Central European time

Full list of events at:
MySQL Database Service blogs:
MySQL Database Service with High Availability
By Airton Lastori

Analyst Report: Oracle Cranks up the Heat in the MySQL Cloud Market
By Michel Gerin

On-premises blogs:
InnoDB Data Locking – Part 5 “Concurrent queues”
By MySQL Server Team Kuba Łopuszański

InnoDB Data Locking – Part 4 “Scheduling”
By MySQL Server Team Kuba Łopuszański

MySQL NDB Cluster at a Glance
By MySQL HA Team Priyanka Sangam

MySQL NDB Cluster Backup/Restore Challenge
By MySQL HA Team Priyanka Sangam

Where’s the MySQL team from April - June 2021
By Lenka Kasparova

Support EOL for MySQL Connector/J 5.1
By Filipe Silva

How to copy a Schema using MySQL Shell Dump & Load Utility ?
By Frederic Descamps

MySQL Shell Dump how to deal with array arguments in non-interactive mode
By Frederic Descamps

Setup DR for your MySQL InnoDB Cluster
By Frederic Descamps

How to copy a MySQL user to OCI MDS ?
By Frederic Descamps

QUEST Insync & Open Source 101
By Dave Stokes

From Spreadsheet to Database with MySQL Workbench
By Dave Stokes

Is a Database Just a Fancy Spreadsheet?!?

By Dave Stokes
Customer Highlights
Flash Networks has the largest market share in the mobile Internet optimization and monetization market with hundreds of deployments, serving over one billion subscribers worldwide.

Flash Networks began developing a parental control solution in 2018. For the first time, it decided to embed a relational database management system, MySQL Enterprise Edition, in its products.

"We selected MySQL Enterprise Edition because it is carrier-grade, offers 5-nines availability, has very advanced security features, and a first-rate support. Leveraging it for assessment, preventive controls, and detective controls we were able to address key GDPR requirements and full compliance with GDPR. Last but not least, it is excellently priced - all of which have contributed to our highly successful new offering to mobile operators worldwide."

Avi Yarkoni
Director of Channel Management, Flash Networks
Korea Investment & Securities leverages the cost-efficiency and performance of MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0 to build its internal messaging platform.

"When building our chatbot system with MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0, we were able to easily obtain the help we needed from Oracle Premier Support. The MySQL Support team has been a great help in addressing operation issues. We are now able to manage databases more proactively and efficiently."

Park Ho Young,
IT Development Manager,
Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.
Beezz offers a security solution created specifically to protect against the new and growing vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) universe.
To optimize the performance of its offerings, the company needed a carrier grade database to power the application, providing maximum uptime and security to a vast range of connected devices.

"MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition is a true carrier grade database, exactly what we need for our telco and enterprise clients. It gives us redundancy through the active-active replication with no single point of failure, high performance for maximum uptime, and full support from a world-class vendor. I don’t think there is any other solution even standing close to MySQL Cluster."

Denis Jdanov,
CIO and Co-founder, Beezz
Training and Certification
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This learning path covers:
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  • Using MySQL Workbench
  • Basic Queries in MySQL
  • Complex Queries in MySQL
  • Troubleshooting in MySQL

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