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January 2021
MySQL Best of 2020
Thank you for a great 2020!
2020 was a very eventful year at MySQL. Now that we just started 2021, this is a great time to look back at everything we did in 2020 and select the best of 2020. Here is our all "Best of 2020" blog post, enjoy!

  • MySQL 25th anniversary celebration with our friends from Java and PHP.
  • Best quote: Larry Ellison about MySQL- Dec. 10, 2020.
    "We introduced several new OCI managed services during the quarter. The most interesting of these new OCI managed services is for the popular open-source database MySQL, featuring an all-new Oracle developed, massively parallel query accelerator called HeatWave. MySQL plus HeatWave processes queries hundreds of times faster. Seriously, hundreds of times faster than the current version of MySQL by itself and other MySQL compatible databases such as Amazon’s Aurora.

    MySQL plus HeatWave is so much faster, so much easier to use and less expensive than Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake or any other database available on Amazon AWS.

    The amazing thing about HeatWave is that you don’t have to move your data out of MySQL and build a separate data warehouse to get the huge performance gains. You simply take any existing MySQL or Aurora database, run that exact same database on the new MySQL version that includes HeatWave. And immediately, your queries run hundreds of times faster. You don’t have to change a single line of code. It can’t get any easier to use than that.
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Coolest videos
Shumber Rivera from Mazatlan in Mexico made a video game version of the MySQL racing car. Congrats to Shumber for the most original social media contribution to MySQL. Watch his car race.

Best new feature from the MySQL Certification and Training team
NEW! MySQL Explorer

Explore why MySQL is the world's most-used open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) by choosing this learning path and Earn the Explorer Badge!
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Learn the many benefits of using Oracle Analytics Cloud with MySQL Database Service with HeatWave in Oracle Cloud.

MySQL pour les applications modernes (Base de données documents & exécution dans un environnement Kubernetes in French)
Thu, Jan 14: 11:00 Central European time

MySQL für moderne Applikationen (in German)
Fri, Jan 15: 10:00 Central European time

MySQL para Aplicaciones Modernas (y Document store in Spanish)
Thu, Jan 21: 11:00 Central European time

MySQL High Availability Topologies
Wed, Jan 27 10:00 Central European time

Топологии высокой доступности с MySQL
Tue, Jan 26 11:00 Moscow

Best practice per migliorare le prestazioni di MySQL
Tue, Jan 26 10:00 Central European time

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