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March 2021
HeatWave - Real-time query accelerator for MySQL
Upcoming webinar: 400x Query Acceleration for MySQL with HeatWave
March 24: 9:00 AM Pacific time (America)
HeatWave is a new, in-memory query accelerator for MySQL Database Service available in Oracle Cloud. HeatWave can accelerate performance on large multi-TB datasets, and scale across 1,000s cores. Benchmark results show that HeatWave accelerates MySQL queries by 400X and is 1/3 the cost of Amazon Redshift.

Speaker: Nipun Agarwal, MySQL Vice President Research & Development

Join us and learn how you can leverage HeatWave to accelerate your MySQL queries.
Blog: MySQL HeatWave - Your Reference Guide and Webinar
This blog post will guide you through the MySQL HeatWave references that are available today, from live webinar to recorded videos, blogs, and more.
  • A 5 minute demo of the MySQL Database Service with HeatWave
  • Learn more about HeatWave on our website
  • Read the technical brief
  • See the performance comparison and benchmarks
  • Peruse the documentation
  • Ask your question in our community forum
  • Get MySQL Database Service Training and Certification
Query Performance Health Check - The HeatWave Challenge
Do you want to improve the performance of your slow queries? Sign up today for a HeatWave performance Heath Check.

As part of the Performance Health Check, a MySQL Technician will work closely with your team to run your queries using MySQL Database Service with HeatWave and share the performance improvements.
Whitepaper: HeatWave for MySQL – Technical Deep Dive
This document provides an overview of features and enhancements included in HeatWave. It is intended solely to help you assess the benefits of HeatWave and to plan your I.T. projects by explaining the benchmarks and HeatWave architecture.
Other upcoming LIVE Webinars
Learn the many benefits of using MySQL, MySQL Database Service with HeatWave in Oracle Cloud.

Running Oracle MySQL on Kubernetes
Thu, Mar 11: 11:00 Pacific time (America)

MySQL Accelerate Live Session: GAMING
Wed, Mar 17: 09:00 Central European time

MySQL Database Service & Oracle HeatWave
Thu, May 06: 10:00 Central European time

MySQL Cloud Day 2021 | ANZ, ASEAN & HK
Thu, Mar 25:9:00 AM GMT+7 | 10:00 AM GMT+8 | 1:00 PM AEDT | 3:00PM NZDT

Security in MySQL
Thu, May 27: 10:00 Central European time

MySQL InnoDB Cluster & MySQL InnoDB Replicaset (w/ demo)
Thu, Mar 18: 10:00 Central European time(In English)
Tue, Mar 23: 10:00 Eastern European time(In Russian)
Wed, Apr 07: 10:00 Central European time(In Spanish)
Fri, Apr 30: 10:00 Central European time(In German)
Tue, May 11: 10:00 Central European time(In Italian)

Full list of webinars at:
MySQL Database Service blogs: Breakthrough Enhancements in MySQL Database Service with Analytics Engine
By Nipun Agarwal

MySQL HeatWave: 1100x Faster than Aurora, 400x than RDS, 18x than Redshift at ⅓ the cost
By Nipun Agarwal

Introducing MySQL Database Service and MySQL Analytics Engine
By Michel Gerin

How to use the Oracle MySQL Database Service with applications that run in AWS
By Nicolas De rico, and Sergio J Castro

Integrating Any Type of Data with MySQL Database Service and HeatWave
By Michel Gerin

Using Oracle Analytics Cloud with MySQL Database Service and HeatWave
By Michel Gerin

Using OpenVPN with MySQL Database Service
By Frederic Descamps

Deploy WordPress on OCI using MDS – updated version
By Frederic Descamps

On-premises blogs:
New MySQL Entity Framework Core packages for the Connector/NET Provider at NuGet
By Daniel Valdez

Group profiles in MySQL Enterprise Firewall
By MySQL Server Team Ivan Švaljek

InnoDB Data Locking – Part 3 “Deadlocks”
By MySQL Server Team Kuba Łopuszański

Make way for the High Performance Parallel Dump & Load Utilities + How to use them
By Andrew Grimo

Invisible MySQL?
By Dave Stokes

Searching JSON Data
By Dave Stokes

MySQL Query Attributes
By Jesper Krogh
Larry Ellison's quote:
"MySQL plus HeatWave processes queries hundreds of times faster. Seriously, hundreds of times faster than the current version of MySQL by itself and other MySQL compatible databases such as Amazon’s Aurora. MySQL plus HeatWave is so much faster, so much easier to use and less expensive than Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake or any other database available on Amazon AWS."

Larry Ellison, Chairman, CTO, Oracle
Customer highlights: HeatWave quotes
"HeatWave is 10 times faster than the analytics service of another major cloud vendor. Now there is no need for ETL. Compared to MySQL on-premises, HeatWave is 4,000 times faster.”

Tetsuro Ikeda,
Manager of Cloud IT Architecture, Service Department,
SCSK Corporation
"We discovered astonishing performance improvements during our tests of the new HeatWave, reducing query times from hours to seconds in cases of non-index based queries. This enables us to expand our service and open the door to many more analytics-based capabilities while maintaining a single, seamless database platform.”

Dr. Jens Uecker, Senior Key Expert, Siemens Healthineers
Training and Certification
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