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Oracle MySQL Newsletter 2021年7月号

  • Oracle Live: MySQLの新しいHeatWaveイノベーション
  • MySQL導入事例 : (日本)、Digital14 (EMEA)
  • オンデマンド・ウェビナー(続々公開!)
  • Blogs(英語版)
  • 今月のMySQL Tips
Oracle Live: MySQL Database Service - 新しいHeatWaveイノベーション
日本時間 8月11日(水) 午前1時
8月10日(日本時間8月11日 午前1時)に開催されるOracle Liveイベントにて、オラクルのチーフ・コーポレート・アーキテクトであるEdward Screvenが、MySQL Database Serviceの分析処理を高速化するHeatWaveの最新イノベーションをご紹介します。



MySQL Database Service blogs:

MySQL Database Service with HeatWave now available in 2 cloud regions in Brazil
By Airton Lastori

Test Drive the MySQL Data Service July 1st or July 8th [Hands-On-Lab Series] Maximize MySQL Performance with HeatWave and Oracle Cloud

By David Stokes

MySQL meetup on MDS & HeatWave
By Lenka Kasparova

OCI Services for MySQL Server
By Mirko Ortensi

On-premises blogs:

Replicate from GTID disabled source to GTID enabled replica directly
By MySQL HA Team Neha Kumari

- Reminder when using MySQL Shell
- Migrate Ownership of your stored routines, views and triggers for MySQL in 2021
- MDS, PHP and authentication
- MySQL: Character Sets, Unicode, and UCA compliant collations
- MySQL dump & load InnoDB Buffer Pool
By Frederic Descamps

- Do You Really Need to Upgrade from MySQL Native Password to Caching SHA256 Password Authentication?
- SERIAL Columns for Indexes
- Automating MySQL Shell util.dumpInstance and util.dumpShema backups With CRON
By David Stokes

Where’s the MySQL team from July - September 2021
By Lenka Kasparova

- MySQL Cluster NDB API Hello World!
- MySQL in a Docker Container cheat sheet
- How to Install and Use Sysbench
By Mirko Ortensi
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