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Oracle Live: The Future of the Data Lakehouse
Wed, October 20, 2021, 12 noon ET / 1 p.m. BRT / 6 p.m. CEST

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Lakehouse provides an efficient, integrated and automated platform for all your data.

Join us at Oracle Live for a keynote by Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, followed by a live Q&A with OCI Lakehouse experts.
On-demand Webinars
Tutorial: Introduction to Oracle MySQL Database Service
Migrating from Amazon Aurora to MySQL Database Service
Migrating from Amazon RDS to MySQL Database Service
- HeatWave in Depth: Machine Learning-based Automation – MySQL AutoPilot
- MySQL HeatWave: Scale Out Data Management
- HeatWave in Depth: A New Level of Scalability
- Running Wordpress with Oracle MySQL Database Service

- Introduction to MySQL Operator for Kubernetes
- MySQL Shell: The Best MySQL DBA Tool
- Developing NodeJS Applications with MySQL 8.0
- MySQL Performance Tuning
- MySQL Database Architectures and High Availability
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Sample Databases for Learning MySQL incl quizzes

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