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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Now Available on Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure



“With Oracle Autonomous Database, we have seen our performance increase by as much as 75x. Combine that with the elasticity and security offered by Oracle Cloud, and the possibilities are endless. With this database, Jasci is actively reshaping a new status quo for our industry.”

Craig Wilensky, CEO, Jasci


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What is Autonomous Transaction Processing?

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is one of a family of cloud services built on self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Oracle Autonomous Database. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing uses machine learning and automation to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning, delivering unprecedented cost savings, security, availability, and production. Today, Oracle expands Oracle Autonomous Database with a new Dedicated deployment option that provides customers with a customizable private database cloud running on dedicated Oracle Exadata Infrastructure in Oracle Cloud. Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated offers even greater security, reliability, and control.

How it Works


Delivers autonomous database management, monitoring, tuning

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing provisions a mission-critical, scale-out database on Oracle Exadata Infrastructure. It automates patching, upgrades, and tuning without human intervention or downtime. Users can instantly create new autonomous databases and easily convert existing databases, dramatically reducing costs and time to market. Instantly scale compute and storage online as needed. Integrated, machine-learning algorithms enable the development of applications that perform real-time predictions such as personalized shopping and fraud detection. With Oracle Autonomous Transaction processing your system will be more resilient and self-sufficient than ever before.


Automatically prevents data theft and responds to cyberattacks around the clock

Autonomous Transaction Processing applies security patches online, ensuring protection from known cyberattacks. Encrypts all data, whether it’s at rest or in flight. It also prevents any administrators from snooping on sensitive application data. You can be assured that Oracle’s hyperattentive database diligently guards your data, assesses security alerts, and mitigates threats—around the clock.


Eliminates business downtime with 99.995 percent availability

Automatically protects from all types of downtime, including system failures, maintenance, user errors, and changes to the application data model, all while never missing a backup. Oracle guarantees less than 2.5 minutes of downtime per month, planned and unplanned.

Power of Autonomous

Benefits to Your Business

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Complete automation of database and infrastructure operations cuts administrative costs up to 80 percent. The efficiency of a self-optimizing database together with elastic pay-per-use cuts runtime costs up to 90 percent.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Automatic application of the latest security updates with no downtime eliminates cyberattack vulnerabilities. Protects from all types of downtime, including system failures, maintenance, user errors, and changes to the application data model. Oracle Database Vault prevents administrators from snooping on user data.

Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate Innovation

Eliminating database maintenance allows database administrators to focus on getting more value from data. Developers become more agile by instantly creating and using databases that require no manual tuning or capacity planning. Integrated machine-learning algorithms enable the development of applications that perform real-time predictions such as personalized shopping and fraud detection, and pre-installed Oracle APEX technology offers a low-code path to scalable, secure data-based apps.

Optimized for Transactions and Mixed Workloads

Optimized for Transactions and Mixed Workloads

Optimized for transactions and mixed workloads. Easy to use for developing and deploying applications, including mission-critical workloads that span both transactions and analytics. Machine-learning algorithms drive automated indexing, caching, and compression.

With Oracle you’ll get 12x faster transaction processing and 100X faster mixed workloads processing, as compared to AWS Aurora.

Applied Precision Medicine Goes Autonomous with Oracle

Richard Rendell, managing director at Applied Precision Medicine, discusses how one size does not fit all when treating disease. See how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is being used to help create precision treatments and help save lives.

National Pharmacies Uses Oracle Autonomous Database to Join Dots

Ryan Klose, executive general manager at National Pharmacies, talks about how Oracle Autonomous Database is helping to connect the dots in patient information, allowing more informed decisions to be made and leading to healthier patients.

Data Intensity and Reporting with Oracle Autonomous Database

Data Intensity revolutionizes financial reporting and agile development for 5 times more performance, 10 times more user adoption, 10 times fewer resources, US$225K less cost, and zero administration using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Database Customer Success

OUTFRONT Media Innovates Sales with Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps OUTFRONT Media provision a robust database in minutes versus months to integrate terabytes of third-party data and securely publish interactive dashboards in Oracle Analytics to the salesforce.

Database Customer Success

MESTEC Innovates Manufacturing with Oracle Autonomous Database

Using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing in combination with Microsoft Azure Interconnect has helped MESTEC cut its labor and infrastructure costs in half, and it is seeing workloads run up to 600 percent faster with half as many CPUs.

Database Customer Success

Kingold Innovates Real Estate with Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics accelerate a data strategy that enables Kingold to identify real investment opportunities easier and quicker, from 12 minutes to 41 seconds, and to focus on innovating luxury experiences for residents.

Database Customer Success

Agea Accelerates Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Database

Agea accelerates its digital transformation in the media industry with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to reduce annual costs by nearly 50 percent and eliminate database maintenance and patching with greater availability than an on-premise appliance.

Database Customer Success

JASCI Innovates Logistics with Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing helps JASCI Software increase order processing by 100X, improving supply chain speed, efficiency, and accuracy with subsecond order fulfillment for expedited shipping and superior customer service.

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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Demo Video
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Demo

Provision, load, and scale your database with no complex management or tuning required.

Executive brief
Introducing Autonomous Transaction Processing

Think autonomous with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.

Rethink Database IT with Oracle Autonomous Database—Dedicated
Rethink Database IT with Oracle Autonomous Database—Dedicated

Create a private database cloud in the public cloud using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing.

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