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Oracle IoT Applications

Reinvent Your Business with Oracle Internet of Things

Oracle Internet of Things Production Monitoring Cloud Service
Oracle Internet of Things Asset Monitoring Cloud Service
Oracle Internet of Things Fleet Monitoring Cloud Service
Oracle Internet of Things Connected Worker Cloud Service
Oracle Internet of Things Service Monitoring for Connected Assets Cloud Service

A Real-Time Manufacturing Revolution

Get a real-time view of your manufacturing shop floor. Monitor machines and equipment to ensure uptime and increase the efficiency of your factories.

Key Features

Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud continuously monitors your factory floor to:

  • Track machine performance against KPIs
  • Predict machine failures
  • Enable preventive corrective actions

In the Spotlight

Noble Plastics is an innovative custom-injection molding manufacturer that uses IoT to drive manufacturing efficiency.

Automated, Predictive Asset Monitoring

Track, locate, and intelligently monitor your equipment. Ensure uptime, understand usage, and reduce loss. Optimize your supply chain.

Key Features

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud collects and analyzes sensor information to provide:

  • Automated monitoring
  • Real-time visibility
  • Predictive maintenance

In the Spotlight

Softbank enters into the last-mile mobility business with IoT-enabled scooters, powered by Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud.

Optimize Your Fleet

Leverage real-time information and intelligence to optimally manage your fleet operations. Minimize cost, ensure driver safety, and stay in compliance. Digitally transform your supply chain logistics.

Key Features

Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud provides connectivity and insights to transport vehicles, enabling:

  • Real-time vehicle location visibility
  • Route and cost tracking
  • Driver behavior monitoring

In the Spotlight

Cotral provides public transportation services in Italy and uses Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud to drive efficiency and customer service.

Improve Worker Safety

Track worker safety with real-time visibility into work environments. Ensure regulatory compliance. Diagnose root causes of incidents.

Key Features

Oracle IoT Connected Worker Cloud leverages sensor data from wearables to help you:

  • Track worker location in real time
  • Understand environmental conditions
  • Reduce safety violations

In the Spotlight

Discover how Stedin, a Netherlands-based utility, uses Oracle IoT Connected Worker Cloud to ensure the health and safety of its engineers at its electricity stations.

Improve Customer Service with IoT Insights

Leverage sensor information to monitor assets, detect faults, and route incidents for resolution to the right contact center and service agents.

Key Features

Leverage IoT into your service channel. Use connected asset data to:

  • Diagnose root causes of incidents
  • Prevent theft
  • Locate assets

In the Spotlight

Discover how to maximize the value of your asset data. Read about best practices for IoT that will enable you to improve service resolution and resource utilization.