Gaining New Insights
from Data Lakes

Real-life success stories from big data pioneers.

Advancing Fraud Detection

With machine learning and graph analytics, a lot of big data today is being used to examine and detect different types of fraud across a wide range of industries.

Once a type of fraud has been detected, data insights can be used to ensure its continuous prevention—so long as tools are in place to quickly collect and analyze the right information.

Read further to learn how some leading organizations are working with Oracle to:

  • Reduce occurrences of a known fraud issue by up to 90 percent

  • Rapidly analyze petabytes of data to reduce risk

  • Use advanced anomaly detection to prevent fraud

An Post

An Post Gives Its Postal Service a Boost
with Big Data and Analytics

An Post is Ireland’s national postal service and one of the country’s largest companies, providing a wide range of parcel and postal distribution, communication, retail, and financial services.


As one of Ireland’s largest and most reputable companies, An Post had big plans. Firstly, it wanted a solution to help seamlessly manage its millions of transactions every day; secondly, it wanted to offer new services to its customers to meet the increasing demands on modern post offices.

The company also wanted to enhance management reporting across operations, finance and HR, enabling real—time detailed insights across the business and improved efficiencies.


An Post deployed a big data and analytics platform using Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Advanced Analytics, and Oracle Database 12c innovations. Together, these solutions enabled readily available, enterprisewide business analytics to define, monitor, and drive business improvements.

The platform was also set up to reduce time to value on the company’s data capital, and—all importantly—to combat any instances of fraud.

The result was a real-time overview of An Post’s entire operations and the automatic consolidation of data from the largest electronic network in Ireland.

Oracle helped An Post consolidate data from the largest electronic retail network in Ireland, involving millions of daily transactions from 1,100 post offices.

StubHub Gains New Insights into Customer
Behavior and Fraud Detection

Owned by eBay, StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, enabling fans to buy and sell tickets to tens of thousands of sports, concert, theater, and other live entertainment events.

Using real-time analytics, StubHub gained fresh insights into customer behavior and potentially fraudulent activity.


In 2000, StubHub reinvented the ticket resale market, and now it’s looking to increase its competitive advantage. The company wanted to utilize big data and real-time data analysis to provide tailored product recommendations and customer service, improve churn prediction, and spot possible instances of fraud early on.


Using Oracle Database options, including Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Partitioning, StubHub was able to store information about its millions of customers—coming from 25 data sources—in a single data warehouse.

From here, data scientists work with customer data inside the database, exploring it graphically and using multiple tools to drive predictions and insights. This has dramatically improved StubHub’s agility and responsiveness.

Finally, as well as developing highly targeted promotional campaigns and offers, StubHub has been able to reduce a known fraud issue by up to 90 percent using Oracle Advanced Analytics.

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