Drive Business Value with a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainable operations help ensure a secure and stable future for our planet—but they can also do the same for your business. In addition to helping the environment and satisfying public demand for ethical and environmentally sound business practices, sustainability can drive significant business value both now and long into the future.

Did you know?

56 percent of US consumers stop buying from brands they believe are unethical.1

Customers prefer doing business with companies that act sustainably, but sustainability is more than just corporate social responsibility. It is also a huge cost-saving and efficiency-boosting opportunity for your business—and a unique chance to act with your own business goals in mind while contributing to the greater good.

Sustainability does not just mean making choices and building processes that are more environmentally friendly. For businesses, sustainability also means eliminating inefficiency, finding solutions that are more cost-effective, building brand equity, managing risk, and streamlining processes that damage both the environment and your bottom line.

As industries move toward embracing the circular economy, transition away from the “take, make, and dispose” economic model, and see the rise of service-based economies, sustainability has moved to the top of corporate agendas across all industries.

But recognizing the importance of sustainability alone isn’t enough. What really matters is how the concept is applied across your business—and most critically, how it is embedded into every stage of your supply chain.

Going green isn’t always easy—especially when you have a huge network of complex global processes and systems to manage. But, as the world’s leading business software vendor and a globally-recognized high-tech manufacturer, Oracle is uniquely positioned to deliver deeply integrated solutions, built to help maintain sustainability in the face of today’s greatest supply-chain challenges.

Oracle’s supply-chain solutions cover an unmatched breadth and depth of capabilities for all industries and can help you design more environmentally friendly products, source materials responsibly, and manufacture and transport goods in more sustainable ways.

Oracle helps Cisco maintain its commitment to supply-chain sustainability.

This digibook is designed to help you start the sustainability conversation in your organization. It explores seven key sustainability initiatives companies are enabling today, how your job role can help drive sustainability across the supply chain, and how companies in different industries are managing more-sustainable operations using the right suite of modern solutions.

  1. 1Mintel, “56% of Americans stop buying from brands they believe are unethical”,
Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment