It’s a turbulent new era for higher education. In the United States, overall state funding cuts for public colleges have reached $9 billion in that many years, which has increased tuition for institutions of all types—and has caused enrollment to fall.1

How are colleges faring? While Brown University can afford to offer grants instead of loans to counter dropping enrollment, the University of Wisconsin has had to shift some schools to satellites for the main campus.

In Europe, meanwhile, student applications are dropping, due in large part to newly increased tuition rates.2 And the anticipated effects of Brexit are inspiring fewer students to explore studying abroad.3

And more students everywhere are forgoing traditional universities for coding boot camps and other specialized programs that promise an actual job upon completion. What this disruption means is a new level of competitiveness in higher education. Prospective students have more choices (and more expectations) from wherever they choose to matriculate.

To meet the increasing expectations of students and entities that provide additional funding, HR leaders in higher education must play a strategic role, attracting and retaining the talent that composes a strong, enduring educational brand.

This ebook explores how advanced cloud HR technology can serve as the backbone of this effort. You’ll learn:

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