Constellation Research: Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer Enables Next-Gen Computing

“As most customers run Oracle Database in one way or the other, it is important that they familiarize themselves with the most prominent member of Oracle Cloud at Customer product family: Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer. Being able to lower TCO, reduce support and maintenance, fit sizing to the average load of the machine, burst to the cloud for peaks, and transfer loads between Oracle Cloud and on premises are substantial benefit drivers that CxOs cannot ignore.”

Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst,
Constellation Research

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Key Market Trends for Next-Gen Computing Platforms

Data Center Utilization

Single Control Pane


IT Complexity

Platform Diversity

Cloud Fit

Buyer Concerns When Acquiring a Next-Gen Computing Platform

Old Guard Vendor Fit

Doing More with Less

Innovation Imperative

Contractual Challenges

Employee Scarcity and Skills Shortage

Selection Criteria for Next-Gen Computing Platform

Workload Portability

“In uncertain times like ours, investment protection is paramount for CxOs. This means that operational next-generation application assets should be able to run both in the public cloud and on premises. Vendors with a broader overlap of cloud and on-premises capabilities generally do better for this selection criterion.”

Portfolio Identicality

“Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer is a great proof point of the Oracle chip-to-click technology stack. Oracle has designed a platform that is optimized to run its database loads most efficiently in its cloud data centers…Oracle has done its homework and spent the time and R&D budget to achieve this.”

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Innovation Speed

“Oracle has achieved a technical capability for cloud bursting that no other vendor has achieved to this level…Oracle has demystified that process, benefiting from the high identicality of the two technology stacks. This leads to substantial savings for enterprises.”

Advanced Service Offering

“When it comes to running a complete cloud technology stack on premises, it is very hard for enterprises to provide know-how and services in-house. Therefore, the Oracle offer to service and support the Cloud at Customer machines deployed on premises with enterprise expertise is a key service and strength.”

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Single Pane of Glass Management

“Oracle has combined the capabilities of Oracle Database with Oracle Exadata Database Machine in one offering, with Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer designed to run its database most efficiently in a cloud model.”

Elastic Commercial Terms

“Oracle not only provides the same technical feature set but also the public cloud financial model, enabling pay-as-you-go mechanisms.”

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Identicality + Completeness = Flexibility + Value

“Oracle offers the most complete on-premises offering across all vendors in this market overview with the Oracle Cloud at Customer portfolio. No other vendor is pursuing that complete vision of a technology stack. This is likely the largest software and hardware engineering effort of our time and, as such, offers substantial simplification, TCO and efficiency savings—and it all comes from Oracle. The desire of the legendary one company to kick has never been closer to being achieved.”