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Remove noisy data with Safety One Intake

The volume of incoming adverse event reports is increasing by 30-50% a year

While many of these reports are low-value or non-serious, they still need to be processed, which can overwhelm safety and pharmacovigilance departments. The pressure of compliance: fear of missing an important detail or not being able to deliver reports on time. How many more cases can you and your team handle before imploding?

What if you could—through automation—remove noisy data?

AI is enabling safer patient outcomes

Safety One Intake uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to improve efficiency by delivering higher speeds, better quality and stronger compliance. This enables your team to focus on higher value activities, leading to safer patient outcomes.

Reduce manual workflows

Data entry for adverse event reports is often manual and slow.

Safety One Intake automatically converts paper reports into E2B files.

  • Avoid manual data entry
  • Remove the need to search for relevant data in source documents
  • Enable quick and easy ingestion into any case management solution

1 minutes to 20 minute

reduction in case processing time

Optimize resource allocation

An increasing number of cases can drown teams in noisy data and threaten pharmacovigilance quality.

Safety One Intake enables optimal use of human resources to better handle peaks and valleys in volume.

  • Utilize AI that works 24/7/365
  • Minimize pressure on safety specialists
  • Focus your team on serious cases and high-value activities


reduction in overall case processing time

Increase accuracy

Manual data entry inevitably leads to human mistakes.

Safety One Intake uses an AI engine designed to understand even unstructured text, and features dashboards for reviewing operational performance.


accuracy in extracting source document data

Improve regulatory compliance

Faster case processing means better compliance with submissions to health authorities.

Safety One Intake moves cases through the workflow quicker, ensuring on-time delivery to regulators.

  • Stay compliant with expedited reporting
  • Bring aggregate data up to date faster for periodic reporting
  • Improve compliance to ensure patient safety

Safer products for patients with Safety One Intake

By improving accuracy, optimizing resources, and speeding data processing, life sciences companies can revolutionize their safety case management processes.

Discover how Safety One Intake enables this transformation.

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