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Type: Disk Controller
Manufacturer: Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd
Model: DAPUSTOR DPH311T6S001T6
Runs on OS Versions: Oracle Solaris 11.4    Certified
Technology Type: Storage: NVMe
Card Type: PCI-E
Non-Standard Settings
standard settings worked
Driver Name: nvme
Driver Version: FF001219
Test Suite: true
(May not apply to all OS Revisions. Please refer to 'General Notes')
General Notes: Model Name: DAPUSTOR DPH311T6S001T6
Device IDs(VID, DID, SSID, SVID):VID=1E3B,DID=1098, SSVID=1E3B,SSID=0053
Disk Firmware /OS Version: FF001219
Submitter Company: Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd
Last Updated: 2021-07-29

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