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Hardware Certification Program

Welcome to the Oracle Solaris Operating System (OS) Hardware Certification Program for SPARC and x86 systems and components.

This program enables independent hardware vendors (IHVs), system manufacturers, system integrators, and end users to check compatibility of their systems and components with the Oracle Solaris on SPARC and x86 platforms. You can also test the Oracle Solaris 10 OS or Oracle Solaris 11 OS running as a guest OS on virtual platforms.

Compatibility testing under this program and audit of test results are criteria for Oracle to list third party systems on the HCL as Certified and to offer support for Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 on such systems.

Certification tests for SPARC and x86 products cover only 64-bit architectures. Certification tests cover both the Oracle Solaris 10 OS, Oracle Solaris 11 OS and update releases. Oracle HCTS certification requires 64-bit Oracle Solaris OS.

Certification of systems for Oracle Solaris 11 can be obtained by running Oracle HCTS 5.8 and following the submission process outlined below. Systems currently certified for Oracle Solaris 10 will need to be certified with Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle HCTS 5.8, following the submission process below, to be listed as Certified.

This page provides the following information about the Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite:

Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite (Oracle HTCS) - Version 5.8

The Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite (Oracle HCTS) is an application to be used to test your system or component to verify that it is compatible with the Oracle Solaris on SPARC and x86 platforms. Oracle HCTS enables you to test server, desktop and laptop systems and to test many different types of components. In May 2017, Oracle released Oracle HCTS 5.8, which replaces the previous Oracle HCTS 5.7 version.

Read the User Guide ( HTML | PDF ).

Before You Begin

Note: Before you use Oracle HCTS, be sure to check whether your hardware is already shown on the Oracle Solaris Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL).

If your system is not listed on the HCL, use the following tools to estimate how well the Oracle Solaris will install and run on your system:

Any drivers that are needed for a system or component should be available from one of the following sources:

Modifications to Oracle Solaris image or drivers are not permitted.

Steps to Certify

To test a system or component using Oracle HCTS, perform the following steps:
  1. Set up your systems.

    Set up your systems as described in the User Guide. This setup includes downloading and installing the Oracle Solaris and downloading and installing Oracle HCTS.

  2. Run the required certification tests.

    Oracle HCTS certification requires 64-bit Oracle Solaris OS.

  3. Submit the test results to Oracle for audit.

    Note: Submissions using Oracle HCTS 5.7 are not acceptable after August 01, 2017. It is recommended to use Oracle HCTS 5.8 in such cases to make your submissions valid.

    Disclaimer: Any information that you submit to Oracle using this site or in any subsequent email related thereto (collectively, your "Submission") shall be at your own risk. Oracle may, in its sole discretion, consider including any hardware you identify in a Submission on the Oracle Solaris Hardware Compatibility List ("HCL"). However, Oracle shall have no liability and be under no obligation to you in connection with any Submission you make to Oracle. Oracle may in its sole discretion decide to discontinue the HCL or include or remove any hardware from the HCL. Your Submission shall also be subject to the Terms of Use and shall be considered "Content" as defined therein. Your Submission confirms your acceptance of these terms.

    As part of your submittal, make sure you complete the following step:

      Test results archive file. Email the test results archive file that was generated in /var/hcts/packages when you used Oracle HCTS. Include in the email the following information:

      • Manufacturer
      • Model
      • Company Name
      • Contact Name
      • Contact Email Address
Hardware Certification for Systems

The Systems Hardware Certification Program enables system manufacturers to demonstrate that their systems are compatible with the Oracle Solaris. Systems include desktop systems, laptops, servers, and integrated components. Certification provides a higher level of assurance, which customers should consider when purchasing software support.

System certification requires two test machines: a Test Manager system and a System Under Test. Set up your systems as described in the User Guide.

Hardware Certification for Components

The Oracle Solaris Hardware Certification Program for components enables IHVs to certify that the components supported by the device drivers under test are compatible with the Oracle Solaris.

You can use Oracle HCTS 5.8 to certify the following components or device types:

  • Network components
  • InfiniBand HCA
  • Serial I/O components
      Serial Asynchronous Interface (SAI/P)
  • Storage components
      Fibre channel
  • USB devices
      USB hard disk, solid-state storage device and multimedia card reader device
      USB CD/DVD reader device
      USB CD/DVD writer device
      USB keyboard device
      USB web cam device
  • Audio
  • Video
  • WiFi cards
  • Tape drive
  • Motherboard
  • External Storage devices
  • Ethernet Network Switch

Note: The motherboard will be listed as Component on the HCL while it requires to run a Oracle HCTS system certification test on it.

Network, serial I/O, WiFi card, Ethernet network switch and InfiniBand HCA certification require two test machines: a Test Manager system and a System Under Test. The other types of certifications require only one test machine. Set up your systems as described in the User Guide.

Download Oracle HCTS 5.8

To download Oracle HCTS 5.8, click on the following link. You are directed to the download page. Provide the login and other details to download the product.

The Oracle HCTS 5.8 download window remains open while you download the Oracle HCTS 5.8 archive file.

Check the User Guide to make sure your system meets all requirements before you extract and install the Oracle HCTS.

More Information

For more information about Oracle HCTS, see the Hardware Certification Programs FAQ.

If you have questions or comments about Oracle HCTS, submit them in the Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite support form.