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Oracle DevOps

DevOps services and tools automate the software development lifecycle (SDLC), infrastructure operations, observability and messaging for developers. Customers can use popular open source tools such as Jenkins, Terraform, and Grafana to integrate with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for less costs, compared to other infrastructure products on the market.

Oracle DevOps Services
Get started with Oracle DevOps services

Explore hands-on activities on continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure as code, infrastructure and application monitoring, and other topics.

Oracle Live event for Observability

Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, introduces new Oracle Observability and Management services.

Why choose Oracle Cloud for DevOps?

Simplify the software development lifecycle and CI/CD

Visual Builder Studio provides an integrated platform across software and infrastructure for all stages of the SDLC. Version code with hosted Git repositories, set up CI/CD to quickly build and deploy artifacts, and manage the development process with issue tracking, agile dashboard, and development sprint management.

What’s new in Visual Builder Studio Explore Visual Builder Studio demos
cost effective

Interoperable with popular tools

Integrate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with your preferred tools, including GitLab for build pipelines, Grafana for metrics visualization, and Slack for messaging. Use familiar, open source Terraform to deploy infrastructure as code on Oracle Cloud and other environments.

Read about using GitLab CI/CD pipelines Explore automated deployments with Terraform and other tools
simplify the sdlc

A complete, low-cost solution

Reduce operations costs in two ways: get started quickly with Oracle Cloud’s built-in services for Terraform-based automation, observability, and messaging, or leverage advanced capabilities for hybrid and multicloud environments, application performance monitoring, IT analytics, and log analytics.

Learn more about migrating workloads to the cloud (PDF) Get started for free
interoperable with popular tools

Oracle DevOps services and tools

Integrated platform for agile development, CI/CD, and more

A low-cost, integrated platform for development teams with tools for agile development, code management, CI/CD automation, and visual development for web and mobile applications.

  • Ability to integrate popular build, test, and provisioning frameworks
  • Free issue tracking, agile and sprint planning, and wikis
  • Free Git-based code management and online peer code review
  • Low-code development tools
  • Standards-based integration with external tools including Jenkins and Slack
  • Best-of-breed support for Oracle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

Terraform-based cloud infrastructure automation

Easily and reliably deploy and manage Oracle Cloud resources with this infrastructure-as-code service. Use an unmodified, open source codebase that simplifies migrations from and to other environments.

  • Terraform as a service
  • Open-source–based; no lock-in
  • Support for API, CLI, SDK, and Console
  • Deep integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Easily manage state files and improve collaboration

Build modern apps to solve today’s business problems

Oracle offers a wide range of tools including Cloud Shell, software development kits (SDKs), and a command line interface (CLI) for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Automate your app development with capabilities for integrated development environments (IDEs), DevOps, and Oracle Database.


Observability for DevOps, IT Ops, and site reliability

Gain insights on cloud infrastructure and workloads with out-of-the-box metrics for health and performance. Configure Alarms with thresholds to detect and respond to infrastructure and application anomalies.

  • Ease of use with real-time, out-of-the-box metrics
  • Flexible configuration of Alarms
  • Ability to receive Alarms via third-party apps, email, and more, and take remedial action via Functions
  • Monitoring Query Language (MQL) for deeper insights
  • Support for CLI, SDK, Console, and Grafana plugins
  • Free allocations of several hundred million data points

Improve app performance and user experience

Comprehensive end user and app server monitoring, including traces and metrics, with out-of-box knowledge of Oracle Applications including Oracle's E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel.

  • Identify and fix issues before they impact end users
  • Get deep insights into code behavior
  • Collaborate effectively with ops teams

Automate resource planning and forecasting

Get insight into the performance, availability, and capacity of IT resources—including databases, applications, and systems—deployed on premises, in Oracle Cloud, or in third-party clouds.

  • Automate resource optimization and capacity planning
  • Quickly remediate recurring and widespread issues
  • Eliminate resource bottlenecks using what-if forecasting scenarios

Single pane of glass for all logs

Standards-based service to get audit, infrastructure, database, and application logs for DevOps, security/compliance, and other business purposes. Integrate with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and ingest logs from hundreds of sources.


Manage and move data between services

Service Connector Hub provides a central place for describing, executing and monitoring data movement between services such as Logging, Object Storage, and Event Streaming.


Troubleshoot issues faster

Collect, aggregate, and analyze logs from any source across on premises, Oracle Cloud, and third-party clouds with machine learning based analytics and topology-aware enrichment for Oracle technology.

  • Explore logs in the application's context
  • Leverage smart, machine learning based clustering and pattern recognition
  • Compose custom dashboards for immediate insights

Pub/sub service to send notifications for alarms and events

Receive messages from applications and services. Notifications provides guaranteed delivery to email, Slack, PagerDuty, and other third-party applications.

  • Get notified when Oracle Events are triggered
  • Get notified when alarms are breached
  • Execute serverless Oracle Functions in response
  • Ensure message security with Oracle Identity Management
  • Get started with Console, CLI, or REST API
  • Leverage Oracle Cloud Free Tier and pay-per-message delivery

Highly scalable service to send emails

Reliably and securely send application-generated, transactional, and bulk emails. Email Delivery has been developed and operated by industry-leading experts in email deliverability, authentication, and security.

  • Used by hundreds of companies sending billions of emails
  • Manage approved sender lists and suppression list
  • Leverage IP blocklist remediation
  • Supports Console, SDK, and CLI

Use cases for DevOps services

  • Create a CI/CD pipeline

    Use Oracle Visual Builder Studio (previously Developer Cloud Service) to automate code delivery when developers push code to a remote Git repository.

    Learn to build a CI/CD pipeline

  • Deploy and test apps in staging

    Run a job against Resource Manager to set up a staging environment. After debugging issues, reuse the working configuration for the production environment.

    View an architecture for infrastructure automation

  • Monitor and alerts for applications and infrastructure

    Use the Monitoring Metrics Explorer for granular performance, health, and availability metrics, and Notifications’ Alarms for immediate updates.

    See how DevOps services can provide observability and alerting

  • Leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure technical resources

    Explore the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Center for reference architectures and solution playbooks on CI/CD pipelines, Terraform, Ansible, and more.

    Explore architectures in more detail

View all customer successes

DevOps and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer successes

Customers and partners of all sizes have improved agility in application development by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

CERN openlab
HEP (Hrvatska Elektroprivreda)
Panasonic Toughbook
Snap Tech

Snap Tech reduces deployment times by 5X and hosting costs by 40%

March 26, 2020

Announcing Oracle Visual Builder Platform

Shay Shmeltzer, Director of Product Management

We are happy to announce the release of Oracle Visual Builder Platform: a complete and integrated environment for development teams to develop and deliver cloud native applications. Visual Builder Platform integrates the features of Oracle Visual Builder and Oracle Developer Cloud Service to cover the full development lifecycle…

Read the complete post

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