Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8

New Innovations for the Autonomous Database Platform

Oracle delivers breakthrough performance with the next-generation Exadata Database Machine—the ideal platform for your database.

Oracle brings new innovations to the industry’s highest performing, most cost-effective database platform, a key component of Oracle’s comprehensive data management portfolio.

Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
The Best Platform to Run Your Oracle Database
  • Software, compute, networking, and storage engineered with Oracle Database to work together seamlessly
  • Preconfigured, pretested system optimized for all database applications
  • Support for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, with capacity-on-demand software licensing for pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Unique software algorithms implement database intelligence in storage, compute, and InfiniBand networking to deliver higher performance and capacity at lower cost
  • Runs all types of database workloads, including online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing (DW), and in-memory analytics, as well as consolidation of mixed workloads
  • No performance bottlenecks or single points of failure that can affect the complete system
  • Compatible deployment options: on premises, cloud at customer, and Oracle Cloud
  • Flexible licensing options that grow with your business
  • Up to 912 CPU cores and 28.5 TB memory per rack for database processing
  • Up to 576 CPU cores per rack dedicated to SQL processing in storage
  • From 2 to 19 database servers per rack
  • From 3 to 18 storage servers per rack
  • Up to 920 TB of flash capacity (raw) per rack
  • Up to 3.0 PB of disk capacity (raw) per rack
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression often delivers 10X-15X compression ratios
  • 40 Gb/second (QDR) InfiniBand Network
  • Complete redundancy for high availability
  • Latest Intel Xeon processors
  • Latest PCIe NVME flash technology
  • 25 Gbps Ethernet for client connectivity
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Unmatched Performance

Exadata X8 delivers up to 60 percent faster throughput than previous models, which means you can pull data from a 560 GB database in under one second and under 3 seconds for a 1.6 TB database.


OLTP Read/Write Performance

The full-rack Exadata X8 can do 6.5 million random 8K database reads and 5.7 million random 8K database writes per second. Featuring an Intel Cascade Lake processor with 24 cores, Exadata X8 is 7x faster for throughput and offers 1.5M more IOPS for OLTP than comparable vendors.


Increased Storage Capacity

Exadata X8 delivers a 40 percent increase in disk storage capacity compared to previous models. Each Exadata X8 EF storage server has over 50 TB of raw flash capacity and each Exadata X8 HC and XT storage server now has over 160 TB of raw disk capacity.


Extended Storage for Low-Use Data

Integrate petabytes of cost-effective storage with optional storage software licenses.


Up to 28.5 TB of System Memory

Exadata X8 accelerates heavy workloads like in-memory databases—with the option to order additional memory installed in factory.


High-Performance Connectivity

Exadata X8 supports up to 400 gigabits of client connectivity over multiple 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) links.

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