View, Markup and Collaborate on Mentor PADS Documents with Oracle’s AutoVue

Oracle's AutoVue products are the only solutions on the market that provide native viewing, markup and real-time collaboration for a wide variety of PCBs and EDA/ECAD formats. Support ranges from PCB design and database formats, to schematics and layouts to manufacturing/fabrication formats.

AutoVue is the leading viewer for PADS and hundreds of other EDA, 2D CAD, 3D CAD and office formats. As the market’s leading PADS viewer, AutoVue views all supported formats natively – no conversion or authoring applications required.

Below is a list of the formats and extensions supported in AutoVue.

PADS versions supported:Format extensions: PADS file types supported:
Mentor PADS Layout viewers:

PADS Power PCB 2007 viewer
PADS Power PCB 2005 Spac2 (Binary, ASCII) viewer
PADS Power PCB 2005 viewer

Mentor PADS Logic viewers:

PADS PowerLogic 2007 viewer
PADS PowerLogic 2005 Spac2 (Binary, ASCII) viewer
PADS PowerLogic 2005 viewer

ASC viewer
PCB viewer
SCH viewer


View a complete list of all formats supported in AutoVue

Oracle’s AutoVue EDA Professional, allows printed circuit board (PCB) designers and contract manufacturers to access, view, and securely collaborate via the Web on their PCB layouts and schematics. With support for major electronic design automation (EDA) packages, Microsoft Office, and portable document format (PDF) files, EDA organizations can streamline collaboration with extended teams and suppliers regardless of their choice of PCB tools. Extended teams can collaborate on documents and product information without compromising valuable intellectual property and design communication is greatly improved, achieving faster project completion.

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Web Visualization:

AutoVue is available as both a Desktop and Web version. AutoVue Web Version allows users to view, redline and markup design data over any network or the Internet, directly from within a web browser and perform annotations/markups, without ever installing anything on their computers. Collaboration capabilities allow users to schedule meetings to discuss and review PCBs from anywhere in the world, in Real-Time. All this is done without ever requiring users to own a license of the authoring application.

Click here to find out more about AutoVue Web-based Visualization.

AutoVue Integrations:

Organizations can easily integrate AutoVue into existing and evolving IT infrastructures. With its Web technology and open integration architecture, organizations can plug the solution into content repositories and enterprise applications and allow it to serve as the visual front end to all digital documents.

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