Oracle Commerce

Oracle Commerce enables selling experiences that drive clicks and conversions for the world’s biggest and best brands. The solution enables businesses selling online to deliver a consistent, relevant, and personalized cross-channel buying experience for buyers.

The Oracle Commerce Solution includes the Oracle Commerce Platform and Oracle Commerce Merchandising capabilities for creating and defining the sites and content that drives customer experiences. These capabilities include creating and managing multi-site and multichannel infrastructures, management of the product catalog, web content creation, collection of session data, pricing and promotions, processing of transactions, management of customer profiles and segments, and the creation of personalization strategies.

Once this data and content is defined, the solution leverages Oracle Commerce Guided Search and Oracle Commerce Experience Manager for the placement, contextual delivery, and optimization of cross-channel customer experiences. These capabilities focus on leveraging data and content from the commerce repositories and other source systems to scale dynamic cross-channel experiences controlled by the business user. Page management and layout, content placement, and the dynamic delivery of products, content, personalization strategies, and contextual merchandising takes place at this experience management layer.


July 18, 2014: 
A short six months after the v11.0 release, Oracle Commerce 11.1 (now available),  provides an impressive payload for enabling our customers to deliver differentiated digital commerce experiences.

The Oracle Commerce 11.1 release continues four major themes, which are in direct response to challenges our customers have shared with us:
• Omni-channel Experience Delivery
• Digital Experience and Content Management Business User Control
• B2B Commerce Feature-set Enhancements
• Platform TCO Enhancements & Integrations

Release features and details can be found in the 11.1 What's New Document.
Watch the replay of the Oracle Commerce v11.1 Product Release Webcast.

Previous Updates:

Feb 4, 2014: 
Oracle Commerce 11.0.0 is now available for download.  Themes for Oracle Commerce 11 include:
  • Commerce, Content, & Experience, Synched – Unification of critical functionality that links commerce, content, experience platform & personalization – further unifying the Commerce Platform, Merchandising, Guided Search, and Experience Manager
  • Business Tools – Enhanced infrastructure and features for managing and delivering differentiated commerce experiences
  • Omni-Channel – Create once, deploy catalog / cart / commerce anywhere – online, on-the-go, in-the-store
  • Integrations – Reference quality, best-practice source code to help unify all the pieces of the commerce experience – commerce, content, services, social, and sales integration enhancements 
A description of features can be found in the 11.0.0 What's New Document.
The Oracle Commerce Product Release V11 Webcast replay is also available.

In addition, Oracle Commerce 10.2.1 is now available and includes a new Assisted Selling Application.  A description of this release can be found in the 10.2.1 What's New Document.  

Please refer to the Downloads tab for more information.

Additional Information

For versions prior to Oracle Commerce 11.0, 
  • Additional information about Oracle Commerce Platform downloads and downloads available only through the Oracle Technology Network can be found here.
  • Additional information about Oracle Commerce Guided Search and Oracle Commerce Experience Manager can be found here.