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  High Throughput Message Processing
    Overview (HTML)
    Firewall example bundle (.zip)
    Priority Message Processing example bundle (.zip)
  Event Processing
    Toll booth example overview (HTML)
    Toll booth example bundle (.zip)
    Location-based advertising overview (HTML)
    Location-based advertising example bundle (.zip)
Left Curve White Papers Right Curve
  · Unleash High Availability Applications with Berkeley DB (.pdf)
  · BDB powers Oracle Unified Directory (.pdf)
  · Amazon (.pdf)
  · InfoFlex Connect AB (.pdf)
  · Java Object Storage on Android (.pdf)
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  · Berkeley DB Insert Performance Program (C code)
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Tutorial: Getting Started with ADO.Net and Berkeley DB
Tutorial: Developing C# Applications with Berkeley DB
Tutorial: Android Development with Oracle Berkeley DB
TechCast: Embedded Data Storage with Berkeley DB
  · TechCast: Oracle Berkeley DB and SQLite, Together at Last
  · Adaptive Mobile Video: BDB high performance secures mobile devices
  · UnboundID PodCast: BDB JE enables cloud-scalable Identity Management
  · Introduction to Oracle Berkeley DB Data Store (DS)
  · Introduction to Oracle Berkeley DB Concurrent Data Store (CDS)
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  · Berkeley DB FAQ
  · Berkeley DB XML FAQ
  · Berkeley DB Java Edition FAQ
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  · Berkeley DB Products Overview
  · Berkeley DB Licensing Information
  · Berkeley DB open source license
  · Berkeley DB Java Edition open source license
  · Berkeley DB XML open source license
  · Resources for: BDB vs SQLite comparisons (.zip)

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