Product Documentation

 Oracle NoSQL Database Documentation
  (The Oracle NoSQL Database documentation is also included in the download package.)

Online Webinars

 Oracle Big Data Webcast: Acquiring Big Data    (FAQ)

Demo/Sample Programs

 Email Application: This sample application uses table based data modeling concepts 
to create a fully functioning email client/server application. Learn how you can leverage
secondary indices from Oracle NoSQL database to run your application in a fast, 
consistent and transactional manner. For more details please follow the instructions.  
 Oracle NoSQL Database Loader: This program demonstrate how data can be read from a
simple CSV/XML file and loaded into Oracle NoSQL Database. For more details please
follow the instructions as described in README file.

Kvitter Sample Application : Kvitter is a Twitter-like microblog sample application. A user is
uniquely identified by his/her user name. A user signs in using his/her password. A blog is
uniquely identified by the blog Id. A blog is created by a user. A user can follow other users.
Source code can be downloaded from here.

Articles & Blogs  

 Oracle NoSQL DB Tutorial  by James Anthony (page 89-101)
 Oracle NoSQL DB in IoT era by Emi Kayama, @ IT
 Oracle NoSQL DB Basic structure and working mechanism by Chao Huang, Sr. Manager, Oracle
 De-mystifying "eventual-consistency" by Ashok Joshi, Sr. Director of Development, Oracle
 Oracle Magazine: Big Data Management by Dave Segleau, Director of Product Management, Oracle
 First Look: Oracle NoSQL Database by Peter Wayner
 Oracle NoSQL First Impression by Zohaib Sibte Hssan

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