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Data Sheets/White Papers

red-arrow-box Oracle Advanced Analytics data sheet
red-arrow-box White Paper - Bringing R to the Enterprise
red-arrow-box Oracle Advanced Analytics - Oracle R Enterprise overview

Presentations/Tutorials - Learning R Series

red-arrow-box Oracle R Enterprise 1.4 Tutorial Series
red-arrow-box Introduction to Oracle's R Technologies and Oracle R Enterprise 1.5
red-arrow-box Oracle R Enterprise 1.5 Transparency Layer
red-arrow-box Oracle R Enterprise 1.5 Embedded R Execution - R API
red-arrow-box Oracle R Enterprise 1.5 Embedded R Execution - SQL API
red-arrow-box Oracle R Enterprise 1.5 Predictive Analytics
red-arrow-box Oracle R Enterprise Integrating R Results and Images with OBIEE Dashboards
red-arrow-box useR! 2013 Session "Big Data Analytics - Scaling R to Enterprise Data"
red-arrow-box OBIEE 12.2.1 - Advanced Analytics : How to register a custom R script
red-arrow-box V511 OBI 12.2.1 : Advanced Analytics using ORE
red-arrow-box OBIEE + ORE Integration & Interaction

Recent Blog Posts

blog-post-icon Using SVD for Dimensionality Reduction
blog-post-icon ORE Random Forest
blog-post-icon Using RStudio Shiny with ORE for interactive analysis and visualization
blog-post-icon Consolidating wide and shallow data with ORE Datastore
blog-post-icon Invoking R scripts via Oracle Database: Theme and Variation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
blog-post-icon Migrating R Scripts from Development to Production
blog-post-icon Monitoring progress of embedded R functions


red-arrow-box Using R to Unlock the Value of Big Data" by Mark Hornick and Tom Plunkett
red-arrow-box Oracle Big Data Handbook" by Tom Plunkett, Brian Macdonald, Bruce Nelson, Mark Hornick, Helen Sun, Khader Mohiuddin, Debra Harding, Gokula Mishra, Robert Stackowiak, Keith Laker, David Segleau

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