Oracle Rdb

Oracle Rdb is a full-featured, relational database management system for mission-critical applications on OpenVMS platforms.

Rdb became part of Oracle Corporation in 1994. Oracle has made significant enhancements (over 50% of the code base has been developed by Oracle), focused on supporting large scale production applications and high performance transaction processing.

Oracle Rdb's technical strengths include:

  • Very high performance to deliver extraordinary real-world throughput
  • Extremely high reliability, providing both data security and database uptime
  • Extremely high availabilityrequirements for scheduled maintenance downtime are minimal
  • Easy maintainability
  • Low cost per transaction

Oracle's plan for the future of Oracle Rdb is straightforwardmaintain a relentless focus on quality and stability while enhancing the features which customers have deployed in production environments world wide.

Oracle also adds value to Oracle Rdb through support of other Oracle technologies, including Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware. Developers and end users are able to use Oracle tools for application development, ad hoc queries, decision support and internet application deployment.

Oracle Rdb Product Family Release 7.2.5 for OpenVMS Itanium®-Based and AlphaServer Systems

Oracle is pleased to announce the production release of version 7.2.5 of the Oracle Rdb Product Family.

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