Exadata Database Machine Overview

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine, with the recently released Exadata X6, is engineered to be the highest performing, most cost effective and most available platform for running Oracle Database. Exadata is a modern architecture featuring scale-out industry-standard database servers, scale-out intelligent storage servers, state-of-the-art 3D V-NAND NVMe PCI Flash storage servers and an extremely high speed InfiniBand internal fabric that connects all servers and storage. Unique software algorithms in Exadata implement database intelligence in storage, PCI based flash, and InfiniBand networking to deliver higher performance and capacity at lower costs than other platforms. Exadata runs all types of database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW), In-Memory Analytics and consolidation of mixed workloads. Simple and fast to implement, the Exadata Database Machine powers and protects your most important databases and is the ideal foundation for a consolidated database cloud.

Exadata X6-2 Features

  • Up to 836 CPU cores and 28.5TB memory per rack for database processing
  • Up to 360 CPU cores per rack dedicated to SQL processing in storage
  • From 2 to 19 Database Servers per rack
  • From 3 to 18 Storage Servers per rack
  • Up to 460 TB of flash capacity (raw) per rack
  • Up to 1.7 PB of disk capacity (raw) per rack
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression often delivers 10X-15X compression ratios
  • 40 Gb/second (QDR) InfiniBand Network
  • Complete redundancy for high availability

Exadata X6-2 Benefits

  • Uncompressed I/O bandwidth of up to 350 GB/second per full rack from SQL
  • Ability to perform up to 5.6M database 8K read I/O operations or 5.2M database 8K write I/O operations per second
  • Easily upgrade to meet the needs of any size application
  • Scale by connecting multiple Exadata Database Machine X6-2 racks or Exadata Storage Expansion Racks. Up to 18 racks can be connected by simply connecting via InfiniBand cables and using internal switches. Larger configurations can be built with external InfiniBand switches
  • Pre-configured system optimized for all database applications