Oracle ODBC Instant Client Release Notes

ODBC Instant Client

1 ODBC Instant Client

ODBC Instant Client offers all the functionality of the Oracle 10g ODBC driver, except Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server, without the need for a traditional ORACLE_HOME installation.

See Oracle Call Interface Programmer's Guide for information on OCI Instant Client.

1.1 Installing ODBC Instant Client

  • Download the Basic Instant Client and ODBC Instant Client packages from the Oracle Technology Network Instant Client page. The two packages must be unzipped into same directory. For example, C:\Oracle\instantclient.
    • Basic Instant Client is a prerequisite for installing the ODBC Instant Client.
  • ODBC Instant Client package has the following file/DLLs

    File name
    Driver DLL                                                  
    Driver setup DLL
    Resource DLL
    Japanese resource DLL
    Release note
    Japanese release note
    Help file
    Japanese help file
    ODBC Instant Client install script
    odbc_mk_instreg.exe Creates the install  registry file. This is called by odbc_install.bat
    odbc_uninstall.bat ODBC Instant Client un-install script.
    odbc_mk_uninstreg.exe Creates the un-install registry file. This is called by odbc_uninstall.bat
    • Make sure Basic Instant Client is deployed before running the ODBC install script.
    • Unzip the ODBC Instant Client package, then execute the odbc_install script.
      • By default English(US) DLLs, files will be installed.
      • To install the Japanese version ODBC Driver, mention the JA option with install script.
        • C:\Oracle\instantclient> odbc_install JA
      • The ODBC install script will check for oci.dll, oraociei10.dll, orannzsbb10.dll at present directory.  If any of these DLLs are missing, installation will fail.
      • Oracle Instant Client directory (present directory) name will be part of the driver name in registry.
        • Driver name will be "Oracle in <present directory name>".
        •  After the installation the environment needs to be configured in the following way.
          • Add the directory to the PATH system environment variable.
            • Otherwise ODBC manager will be not able to load/find the driver.
        • Define the TNS_ADMIN to point the .ora files directory for OCI.
          • This needs to be set for OCI to resolve the TNS name.
          • If TNS_ADMIN is not set, OCI will examine an operating system dependent set of directories to find tnsnames.ora. This search path includes looking in the directory %ORACLE_HOME%/ network/admin/tnsnames.ora. This is the only reason to set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable for Oracle Instant Client. If ORACLE_HOME is set when running Instant Client applications, it must be set to a directory where Instant Client exists (in this case C:\Oracle\instantclient).
        • Set any Oracle globalization variables required for your locale. See the Oracle Database 10g Globalization Support Guide for more information. 
          • For example on Windows to set NLS_LANG: 

        1.2 Uninstalling ODBC Instant Client

        Do the following steps to un-install:
        • Run the odbc_uninstall.bat script.
          • It will delete the Driver entry in registry.
          • It will delete the installed Oracle ODBC Driver files.
        •  Reset any environment variables such as PATH and TNS_ADMIN.
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