Oracle Advanced Analytics Customer Successes

Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.
“Turkcell manages 100 terabytes of compressed data—or one petabyte of uncompressed raw data—on Oracle Exadata. With Oracle Data Mining, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, we can analyze large volumes of customer data and call-data records easier and faster than with any other tool and rapidly detect and combat fraudulent phone use.”
– Hasan Tonguç Yılmaz, Manager, Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.
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Combining Oracle Products to Gain Insight from Telecommunications Data
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dunnhumby Increases Customer Loyalty with Oracle Big Data
dunnhumby presented at this year's OpenWorld where they outlined the how and why of data warehousing and advanced analytics on Exadata. The Oracle engineered system delivered a performance improvement of more than 24x. dunnhumby pushes its data warehouse platform really hard with more than 280 billion fact rows and 250 million dimension rows for one large retailer client alone, dunnhumby’s massive data requires the best performance the industry has to offer.
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dunnhumby Accelerates Complex Segmentation Queries from Weeks to Minutes—Gains Competitive Advantage"
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dunnmumby OOW'13 presentation on Oracle Advanced Analytics
dunnhumby Delivers for Its Clients with Big Data Customer video
Hear how dunnhumby can support its global clients better by using Big Data Appliance and Exadata. By viewing 100% of the data, dunnhumby can now understand what is driving its business in order to build increased loyalty with its customers. 
Stubhub Corporation
“Big data is having a tremendous impact on how we run our business. Oracle Database and its various options—including Oracle Advanced Analytics—combine high-performance data-mining functions with the open source R language to enable predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, advanced numerical computations, and interactive graphics—all inside the database.” – Mike Barber, Senior Manager of Data Science, StubHub
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BMW Oracle Racing
"Imagine standing under an avalanche of data - 2500 variables, 10 times per second and a sailing team demanding answers to design and sailing variations immediately. This was the challenge facing the BMW ORACLE Racing Performance Analysis Team every sailing day as they refined and improved their giant 90 foot wide, 115 foot long trimaran sporting the largest hard-sail wing ever made. Using ORACLE DATA MINING accessing an ORACLE DATABASE and presenting results real time using ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS the performance team managed to provide the information required to optimise the giant multihull to the point that it not only beat the reigning America's Cup champions Alinghi in their giant Catamaran but resoundingly crushed them in a power display of high speed sailing. After two races - and two massive winning margins - the America's Cup was heading back to America - a triumph for the team, ORACLE and American technology."
—Ian Burns, Performance Director, BMW ORACLE Racing Team
"We have chosen Oracle Advanced Analytics to successfully implement and replace a full Statistical workflow. With new Oracle R Enterprise 1.4, we were able to execute computations on thousands of attributes in parallel that was impossible or very slow with open-source R, and we completed our workflow with the Oracle Data Mining easy-to-use GUI for in-Database modeling."
— Karlo Kovacic, BI Director, Zagrebačka banka (ZABA)
Argonne National Laboratories
Argonne National Laboratories predicts protein crystallization propensity from protein sequence using Oracle Data Mining. "Using statistical analyses we have identified a set of the attributes correlating with a protein's propensity to crystallize and implemented a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier based on these. We have created applications to analyze and provide optimal boundary information for query sequences and to visualize the data. These tools are available via the web site ." Click here to read paper.
Philips IP&S and Treparel
"By classifying the patents, Philips IP&S is better able to analyze the patent landscape of technologies and companies. This detailed knowledge is of great strategic and commercial importance and value to Philips for the filing of new patents. Since quite some years, we have been searching for various solutions to assist us in the automatic classification of patents", says Gerard van der Ligt, Director Business Intelligence of Philips IP&S. " ... We are now able to work faster, more efficient, but foremost, we can tackle complex jobs that were impossible to do by humans before...Classification of patents has always been done by humans up to this point. ...the process can be partly automated combined with a very high precision and recall. ... Treparel has developed a special application based on Treparels proprietary technology (KMX) combined with that of Oracle Data Mining and its powerful in-database Support Vector Machine algorithm."
—Paul Wijdicks, Chief Commercial Officer at Treparel
Philips IP&S chooses the KMX Patent Classifier Press Release Feb. 2008
Xerox Corporation
"...Because data mining algorithms and the data are housed together in the Oracle database, we don't have to move huge data sets to external programs to run the algorithms and learn something about our data...The fact that it cost about 75 percent less than the leading competitor didn't hurt either...."
—Tracy E. Thieret, Ph.D. Principal Scientist Xerox Innovation Group Imaging and Solutions Technology Center

Darden Uses Analytics To Understand Restaurant Customers
Data analytics project helps restaurant company, No. 5 on the InformationWeek Elite 100 ranking, gather information on every step of the guest experience.

Check-Level Analytics is one of the tools Darden plans to use to boost sales and customer loyalty, while pulling together data from across all its operations to show how they can work together better. After a reassessment of the company's enterprise data warehouse, White's team decided to stick with its Oracle database and MicroStrategy data visualization and exploration tools. But it brought in some new tools, including Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R Enterprise, both included in the Oracle Advanced Analytics option to Oracle Database, to spot correlations and meaningful patterns in the data.
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Internal Revenue Service
Detecting taxpayer noncompliance.
Stuart Maue, Inc.
"With over 3,500 submissions per month for payment (or... about $200 million of legal invoices per month..), we at Stuart Maue, (a St. Louis based legal services firm and winner of the 2006 DM Review Business Intelligence award), sought to automate and improve our review, categorization and investigation of possibly non-compliant legal submissions process. Besides this being a very labor intensive process, spotting potential fraudulent or erroneous submissions for payment can mean millions of dollars of savings to Stuart Maue and our clients. Oracle Data Mining allows us to mine our structured and unstructured Oracle-based data, automate the process, respect security schemes, scale to large volumes, and most importantly, saves us time and money."
—Bradley Maue, CIO Stuart Maue, Inc.
Rexer Analytics
"Keeping one's data in the warehouse/mart, and not having to extract data for modeling can greatly simplify model development, model scoring and general security issues. This capability is relatively new for most data mining tools. I've been impressed with the data mining functionality that Oracle has recently built into 10g.> They even have a nice GUI that can be used to access all the algorithms, as well as to manipulate the output (all the usual stuff you'd expect from a data mining tool: interactive lift curves, etc.). The integration of data mining the database doesn't get any easier than doing the mining right in the database. And in terms of functionality and total cost of ownership, Oracle Data Miner is a great option, especially for companies that are already storing their data in Oracle warehouses/marts."
—Karl Rexer, Ph.D., Rexer Analytics
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
"We needed a versatile, integrated data warehouse architecture to improve our decision-making processes and enable our ongoing success. Oracle Communications Data Model
enables our users to spend time analyzing data rather than collecting it. The results are clear in accelerated market-share gains and reduced churn."
—Jesse Chan, Director, Information Technology Department and Business Support Systems, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

NTT Comware Corporation
Oracle Communications Data Model covers a wide range of business areas that are relevant to modern communications service providers and is a comprehensive solution—with its data model and pre-packaged templates including BI dashboards, KPIs, OLAP cubes and mining models. It helps us save a great deal of time in building and implementing a customized data warehouse and enables us to leverage the advanced analytics quickly and more effectively."
—Yasuki Hayashi, executive manager, NTT Comware Corporation
George P Johnson and Oracle Corporation
"At George P Johnson, we design, implement, and manage experiences worldwide. For Oracle OpenWorld, we manage the content and collect registration and session attendance data for over 40,000 attendees. With all this data, we partnered with Oracle to leverage Oracle Data Mining's ability to mine OpenWorld abstracts, comments, and attendee data, combined with in-database mining to produce a list of the most relevant sessions to individual attendees to help maximize their conference experience."
—Steven Boval, Vice President, Technology Worldwide, George P. Johnson
Walter Reed Medical Center
"...Using...Oracle Data Mining, medical researchers are discovering trends and patterns that will improve the health care for millions of people around the globe."
—Dr. Carolyn Hamm, Director of Decision Support, Walter Reed Medical Center. "Saving Lives with Oracle"
Download"We have chosen Oracle Advanced Analytics to successfully implement and replace a full Statistical workflow. With new Oracle R Enterprise 1.4, we were able to execute computations on thousands of attributes in parallel that was impossible or very slow with open-source R, and we completed our workflow with the Oracle Data Mining easy-to-use GUI for in-Database modeling."

               -- Karlo Kovacic, BI Director, Zagrebačka banka (ZABA)

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