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Oracle OLAP 12c

Download Analytic Workspace Manager

Oracle OLAP 11g

Download Analytic Workspace Manager | readme (for Oracle 11.2)
Download Analytic Workspace Manager | readme (for Oracle 11.1)
 Ox 1.23: Windows | Cross-platform | readme (use for both 10g and 11g )
AWM Plug-ins for Oracle OLAP 11g

Extend the capabilities of Analytic Workspace manager with these plug-ins.

Plug-in Description Documentation Download
Export to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition:

Version: - Revision 1
Wizard generates Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition metadata over OLAP cubes and dimensions in seconds

(Included with Analytic Workspace Manager download.)
OBIEE 10g | 11g download
Data Validator Find data quality issues in your source data before attempting to load that data into the cube.

(Included with Analytic Workspace Manager download.)
view download
View XML Easily view the XML for an object (cube, dimension, measure and more) from the AWM navigator tree - download

Create your own plug-ins using the plug-in API:



Sample Schemas & Code

Oracle OLAP 11g
 Global Schema 11g | readme
 Example programs for documentation

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