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Oracle Database is the preferred location platform of leading geographic information systems (GIS) and location-based services (LBS) vendors.

This list includes Technology Partners delivering GIS and LBS technologies using Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle Fusion Middleware Mapviewer.

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Partners: Technology & Applications

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Vendor Product Description
(Formerly Laser-Scan)
Radius Topology Topology Management Solution
  Radius Check Free, downloadable data integrity checking tool. It comes with spatial data identification and validation functionality, with additional editing functionality that allows the user to fix errors in the data environment.
Abaco DbMAP Developer Kit WebGIS Development Tools
  DbMAP Web 3D Extension Kit 2D & 3D Integrated WebGIS Tools
  DbMap Internet Server Pure Java Internet map server
Advanced Visual Systems OpenViz Application development tool
ANAXIS   Independent Software Vendor
Autodesk MapGuide GIS application
  OnSite Mobile mapping solution
  Envision Desktop GIS
  AutoCAD Map Mapping tool
  LocationLogic LBS platform
  Topobase GIS/land management solution
AXA   Independent Software Vendor
Bentley Systems ProjectWise Connector For Oracle Connector from ProjectWise to Oracle Spatial
  MicroStation iSpatial Desktop GIS application
  Bentley GeoWeb Publisher Web Publishing Server
  LRSx Linear referencing tool
Blue Marble Geographics GeoObjects Map Display Tool
Byers Engineering SpatialAge Application framework for the telecommunications industry
Cadcorp Spatial Information System Desktop and Internet GIS applications
Caliper Maptitude & TransCAD Map creation tools
CARIS LIS/GIS Desktop GIS application
  Spatial Components Component development environment
CISS TDI GmbH CITRA Services focus on database design and implementation, loading and exporting GIS-data using their own product CITRA, and connecting the database with GIS in a heterogeneous environment.
CSoft CS MapDrive Desktop GIS
  UtilityGuide, RoadGuide, EcologicCS, UrbaniCS, Web Applications Industry Solutions
Dawn Corp. GeoBase 7 Internet map server
Delasoft SCAT Spatial Component Administration Tool for Oracle Spatial Enterprise Databases provides an easy way to manage dynamic segmentation and LRS functions. It also provides validation and user reports.
Digital Globe   Geospatial Imagery

Utility Systems

  • DP/Com
  • DP/WaW
  • Facilplus Spatial/E
  • Facilplus Spatial/DH


  • Fiber Optics & Telecom
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Power & Electricity
  • District Heating

Mapping & GIS

  • DP/Cadaster
  • DP/Larm


  • Land Management & Cadaster Systems
  • Emergency & Risk Management Systems
Dotted Eyes Specialists in Digital Mapping and GIS Ordnance Survey partner enabling organizations to manage large amounts of geographical information
  ResponseMX Application Development Framework
eSpatial Solutions Ltd. iSMART Suite Oracle Spatial Java development environment
  iSMART Web Pure-Web spatial application development tools
  iSMART Editor Spatial editing / digitizing tools
  iSMART Mobile Off-line spatial viewing & editing sync to Oracle Spatial
  iSMART Live Feeds Tracking and sensor data to server centric spatial applications
Esri ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS for Desktop Desktop and enterprise GIS
GDV GDV-MapBuilder, Spatial Commander Desktop-GIS, WebGIS
GE Network Solutions Smallworld Desktop GIS application
  Smallworld On Oracle Integrated GIS-DBMS solution
  Smallworld Web Internet application server
Générale d'Infographie   Independent Software Vendor
Genimap   Independent Software Vendor
Geoconcept GeoConcept Enterprise Solution Desktop GIS
  GeoConcept Internet Server Internet map server  
Geodan Geodan IT Solutions for Governments and Corporates
  Geodan Mobile Solutions Mobile Solutions
  Geodan S&R Research and Development
Geograt   Independent Software Vendor
Geomap   Independent Software Vendor
Geometria Packaged Applications for Utilities and Telecommunications Independent Software Vendor
GeoMicro AltaMap ActiveX mapping control designed and optimized for the Internet
  AltaMap Server Internet map server
GeoTools Project GeoTools 2 An open-source, Java-based GIS toolkit for developing solutions, that are compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium and other interoperability standards.
(ITC-irst/GRASS Development Team)
GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) Open Source Raster Analysis and Visualization Tool
Hitachi Software   Independent Software Vendor
iBR   Independent Software Vendor
Idevio Rave-Geo Map compression and streaming software
ILOG JViews Java visualization component
Infotech Content Development Location Dased Data Required for GIS and Mobile Applications
  Mobil Solutions Vehicle Tracking Systems, Distribution Management Systems, Cash Logistics, Emergency Dispatch Solutions, EKipMobil, and Telemetry Solutions
  Location Based Services Maplink, InfoAnalyst, Utility Solutions, Municipal Solutions, InfoRisk
Intergraph GeoMedia GIS application
  GeoMedia WebMap GIS map server
  GeoMedia Professional GIS application
  IntelliWhere LBS platform
Intermap Technologies 3D Terrain Data NEXTMap® TerrainOnDemand online data store, providing 3D digital elevation models and geometric images for Western Europe and the US
(Now part of ERDAS)
RedSpider Web Interoperable Web Mapping Services & SDI (OGC/ISO)
RedSpider Catalog Catalog Service, Metadata & SDI (OGC/ISO)
RedSpider Enterprise Java API on Enterprise Services & Interoperable SDI (OGC/ISO)
RedSpider Image Archive Interoperable services suite (indexing, access & catalog) for large image libraries
RedSpider Lobos Interoperable services suite (presentation, directory, location gateway) for Location Based Services
Jicoux Datasystems Quadrix Integrated spatial platform engine

Keigan Systems

Keigan Grid Enterprise GeoRaster analysis development tool
  GeoMedia Grid Enterprise GeoRaster analysis and vector integration application
KOREM Push'n'See A visual studio for the development, deployment and management of Web-mapping applications
Lorienne LorikSoftware Cartographic and map production tools
Luciad LuciadFusion and LuciadMap Luciad provides software solutions for building state-of-the-art Situational Awareness systems. Luciad provides visualization, data fusion, and advanced data processing and analysis software.
Manifold Manifold GIS and mapping system
(Aquired by Pitney Bowes)
MapXtreme 100% Java Internet map server
  MapMarker Geocoding software application
  MapX ActiveX component
  MapInfo Professional Desktop GIS software
(Now Part of Telefonica)
  Independent Software Vendor
Munsys Technologies (Pty) Ltd. Munsys Enterprise Edition, Munsys Standard Edition, Munsys Query, & Munsys Webview Solutions for utility organizations including: Sewer, Water, Drainage, Roads, Administrator, Cadastral, Electricity, Spatial Data Manager, and Map Books
NAVTEQ NavStreets Road network datasets
Nedgraphics   Independent Software Vendor
Norkart   Independent Software Vendor
Nous Holdings   Independent Software Vendor
Novabase   Independent Software Vendor
ObjectFX SpatialFX   Java Internet Mapping Server and components
PCI Geomatics Geomatica GeoGateway GIS/remote sensing GeoRaster transformation tool
PDV   Independent Software Vendor
Plangraphics Xmarc Fire Enterprise Spatial Integration Tool Kit for Oracle 9i
Powel, Inc.
(Formerly Powel-MiniMax)
Utility Decision Support Platform (UDSP) Work Order Automation, Staking (Field Design) Software, and Office-Based Utility Decision Support Application.
Realword   Independent Software Vendor
Safe Software FME Suite Data access solution
Sitewell Sitewell EIRA® Enterprise
Sitewell EIRA® Express
Sitewell GOLAM®
Sitewell LPIS®
Independent Software Vendor
Skyline Software TerraExplorer Pro 3D visualization tool
Snowflake Software OS MasterMap Viewer OSMM file viewer
  GO Loader Tool for modeling, loading, and maintainance of GML data into an Oracle Spatial database
Somei   Independent Software Vendor
Spatial Technologies MI2GO Application Development Platform
  MOBI INFO Mobile Information Acquisition Tool
Spatial Technologies ISM Spatial data management and integration platform
SPATIALinfo SPATIALnet Network management application
STAR-APIC STAR GIS and Active X Desktop GIS: A software platform for developing applications to query and update the database, produce reports, perform thematics analysis, etc.
  STAR NeXt   Java Web-enabled GIS: A web-based platform for deploying a wide range of new GIS end user applications
  WINSTAR   Professional GIS Solution: A software platform for applications to aquire, structure and maintain vector and raster data, set up elaborated data models, and perform sophisticated transactions.
Former Apic Products:  APIC4 Desktop GIS
  APIC Web Internet map server
Steria   Independent Software Vendor
T-Kartor Cartographic Production System (CPS NG) Database-driven cartographic production software
TatukGIS GIS Developer Kernel .NET
GIS Developer Kernel ActiveX
GIS Developer Kernel VCL
GIS Internet Server
GIS Editor
Geographic Information System (GIS) focused software products and software development tools for the creation of custom GIS applications and solutions
Telefonica   Independent Software Vendor
TestNext Mapviewer2test Load and Stress Test Solution
Teydo BV MobiSPOT Location Based Service Aggregator Platform
  FleetOnline Internal LBS based service helps fleet owners control their fleets and reduce operational costs.
Tieto Corporation vTrack Web-based tracking solution
University of Minnesota MapServer An OpenSource development environment for building spatially enabled applications
Urbidata   Independent Software Vendor
Where2GetIt Geocoder Geocode addresses via web service
  Router Produce driving directions via web service
  Store/Dealer Locator Generate dealer/store locations in proximity to an input address (hosted or web service, can include maps)
  Reverse Geocoder Create an address from an input latitude/longitude via web service
  Slippymap Web based mapping solution
YMS, Inc. Integrated Technical Information System Modularized as: GIS, PDM (DATD), Upkeep and Service (RUaO), Facility Management (ITIS-AMI), Mobile Force Management (ITIS-MFM), Environmental GIS (EnviGIS), Pipeline Integrity Management and Anticorrosion Protection (ITIS-PIM)

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