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The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph offer advanced capabilities to support high-end geographic information systems (GIS) and location-enabled business solutions. These extend Oracle Locator, a no-cost feature of Oracle Database Standard and Enterprise Editions that provides native spatial data support and location query and analysis needed by most commercial applications.

The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph include high performance, advanced analysis for a complete range of geospatial data – geocoding, routing, topology management, raster and gridded data, and 3D data – to address the requirements of the most demanding, large-scale geospatial applications. These include land management and GIS, wireless location services, transportation, LiDAR analysis and location-enabled Business Intelligence.

Together with Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer, an Oracle WebLogic Server component used for map rendering and geospatial data visualization, these pre-integrated technologies offer a complete set of spatial information technologies.

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