demos Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse — Online Demonstrations View the online demonstrations below to see Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse in action! All you need to watch the demos is your web browser with flash plug-in. You can use the playback bar at the bottom of each demo to control the demo.

Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)

 Getting Started with Mobile Application Framework in Eclipse
 A quick tour of the OEPE design time for MAF
 Demonstrating building your first MAF application in OEPE
 Introducing the MAF Feature concept

Oracle WebLogic Server

 Dynamic Java Class Redefinition (FastSwap)
 JAXB: Custom Binding
 Remote server deployment to a server cluster

GlassFish Server Plugin

 RESTful Web services using JAX-RS: Java EE 6 & GlassFish 3 using Eclipse

Oracle ADF Development

 ADF Essentials with OEPE and Glassfish
 Getting Started with OEPE and Oracle ADF
 Creating ADF business Services in OEPE

WebLogic Scripting Tool Demos

 Intro to WSLT

Java Persistence API Demos

 JPA Demo 1 - Setup Workspace, Database Tools
 JPA Demo 2 - Generate JPA Mappings
 JPA Demo 3 - Generate Entity from Class
 JPA Demo 4 - Entity Editor
 JPA Demo 5 - Persistence Settings
 JPA Demo 6 - Create JPA Data Access Objects (DAO)s
 JPA Demo 7 - JUnit Tests for JPA Entities

Spring Demos

 Spring Demo 1 - Configure Project for Spring
 Spring Demo 2 - Generate Spring ORM Classes
 Spring Demo 3 - Generate Additional Spring Service Beans
 Spring Demo 4 - Testing Spring Service Beans

JAX WS Demos

 JAX-WS 1 - Configure Project for JAXWS
 JAX-WS 2 - Create JAXB Classes
 JAX-WS 3 - Create JAX-WS Services
 JAX-WS 4 - Test JAX-WS Services with the Test Client

JAX WS Client Demos

 JAX-WS Client 1 - Create Web Service Client Project
 JAX-WS Client 2 - Create Client Artifacts from WSDL
 JAX-WS Client 3 - Test Web Services via JSP pages

AppXRay and Java Server Faces Demos

 Java Server Faces 1 - Configure Project for JSF
 Java Server Faces 2 - Create Managed Beans
 Java Server Faces 3 - Create JSF Page
 Java Server Faces 4 - JSF Page Navigation
 Java Server Faces 5 - Running JSF Application

JAX WS Bindings and Handlers

 JAX WS Binding 1 - Creating bindings for a WSDL
 JAX WS Binding 2 - Implement SOAP Handlers
 JAX WS Binding 3 - Test the JAXWS handlers

Oracle Coherence

 Getting Started with Coherence Samples - Part 1
 Getting Started with Coherence Samples - Part 2
 Getting Started with Coherence Samples - Part 3