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Oracle Forms, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. Oracle remains committed to the development of this technology, and to the ongoing release as a component of the Oracle platform. This continuing commitment to Forms technology enables you to leverage your existing investment by easily upgrading and integrating existing Oracle Forms applications to take advantage of other web technologies.
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bulletGoogle Blocks Java Plugin in Chrome

Beginning with the September 2015 release of Google Chrome, Google has disabled the use of the NPAPI and therefore the Oracle Java Plugin can no longer be used with Chrome.  Customers previously using Chrome to run their Oracle Forms applications should consider using other browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari (on MAC). 

Refer to the following for more information on Oracle's position and guidance regarding this change:

Although future Oracle Forms versions plan to continue using Java on the client tier, alternative client deployment options are planned to be offered in newer Forms releases.  These new options are planned to allow administrators to choose between continuing to deploy through a browser (with the Java Plugin where supported) or by excluding the browser/plugin combination and running natively on the desktop with Java alone.  The option to avoid using a browser and plugin component of a Java installation will help to mitigate concerns of various browser and plugin issues.

For more information, refer to the Oracle Forms / Java Plugin FAQ

Posted: 18-Sept-2015 | Updated 12-Oct-2015
bulletOracle Forms at OpenWorld 2015
This year's conference will certainly be one you won't want to miss.  With so much to share, we may not know where to start or where to end.  Last year we had record breaking attendance at the "Forms Sneak Peek" session.  Let make this year bigger than ever before.  Let everyone know that Oracle Forms at OOW15 is the place to be.

Session ID: CON5679
Session Title: Oracle Forms 12c: The Beginning of a New Day
Venue / Room: Moscone South - 306
Date and Time: 26-Oct-2015, 11:00 - 11:45

Be sure to schedule this session in your calendar.

Posted: 09-Oct-2015
bulletOctober Webinars:
  • October 15, 2015 at 1pm Eastern time :

    Oracle Partner AuraPlayer will be hosting a session to discuss Oracle Forms applications and ideas for getting your application the facelift it has needed for years.  Was your application developed 5, 10, 20+ years ago and it still looks just like it did when you first moved it to production?  Is your organization thinking about abandoning the application because users are complaining that it looks bad?  Would you sell you house because it needed a fresh coat of paint?  Probably not.  We'll show you how to give your application a fresh, more appealing appearance with very little effort.  Availability is limited so be sure to register soon.
Details and registration information can be found here.
Posted: 09-Oct-2015
bulletSeptember Webinars:
  • September 3, 2015 at 1pm Eastern time :

    Oracle Partner AuraPlayer will host an updated session to a previously shared Oracle Forms roadmap session.  We will discuss where the future of Oracle Forms is taking us, what support options are available for users of current versions, and much more.   We will also discuss some tips for making out-dated applications fresh again.  Simple and safe tips for cleaning up that dusty old application.  Time permitting, we will also discuss some questions raised by the Forms community in recent months.  For example, what is Oracle Forms doing in response to Google desupporting the Java Plugin.  Availability is limited so be sure to register soon.
Details and registration information can be found here.
Posted: 27-Aug-2015
bulletOracle Forms/Reports 11gR2 gets an extension to its Lifetime Support dates.  Check out the latest updates in the new (April) Lifetime Support Policy.

Posted: 6-April-2015
bulletODTUG - KScope15 
This year in South Florida - June 21-25 
Don't miss this great event.  And don't forget to mark your calendar for June 24th at 1:45pm.  Session #14, title, "Oracle Forms Lives On - What Will You Do Now".
Presented by the Oracle Forms Product Manager.  
You won't want to miss this session.

Posted: 16-January-2015
bulletCheck out this interview at ODTUG - KScope14 and hear about the latest news regarding Oracle Forms and what can be expected.  

Posted: 31-October-2014
bulletDOAG Germany
November 18, 2014 - November 20, 2014
Show your ongoing support for Oracle Forms.  Join us in Germany for this great event.  Several Oracle Forms sessions throughout the event, including mine, "Your Application Isn't Dead, It's Just Tired".  This session is scheduled for November 18
More information about DOAG can be found here.
bullet 10 Years Younger - The Oracle Forms Makeover Case studies on how Oracle Forms applications have been modernized through extreme UI redevelopment. (This article first appeared in the ODTUG Technical Journal.

Posted: 23-August-2011
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