Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g Release 1 ( New Features

Updated: April 1, 2013

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The 11g Release 1 ( version of JDeveloper and ADF is a minor update release. It contains many bug fixes as well as a few new features to enjoy.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the OTN forum.

Previous Version? If you are looking for the new feature list for a prior 11g release, please refer to the release documentation page.

New In This Release

ADF Faces and Data Visualization (DVT)

  • FA: Skyros Skin: Skyros Skin
    A new look and feel that incorporates current UI visual design trends (flat, rather than dimensional, reduced gradients, reduced borders, light and or white colors with splashes of color).  This skin family uses CSS3 for gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners etc. in comparison to the fusion skins that use background images.  Making this skin modern, lightweight, and easy to skin.  
  • New visualization components: Treemap, Sunburst, and Timeline:
    • Treemap is a new visualization used to display a hierarchy using color and size of rectangular nodes to convey information.
    • Sunburst is used to display multiple hierarchy levels in a radial layout.
    • Timeline is a new visualization used to display events on a timeline.
  • New component: List View: A new component for viewing a collection of data.  The listView can be used to declaratively achieve paragraph style results lists.
  • New component: PanelGridLayout: A new, more predictable and more efficient layout component that can be used to create all new layouts.  This component generates the same markup that meets the CSS3 specs for grid layout so it can be optimized for layout performance.  This is now a recommended UI layout component for most pages. 
  • New Component: Code Editor: This new component allows you to display and edit text in a code editor format with line numbers and text highlighting.
  • Android Certification: Certify Android 4.0 with Chrome browser
  • Enable Runtime Skin Updates - This feature allows an application to make itself available to accept new skins without having to restart the application.  This is a developer/testing productivity improvement for developers of new skins.  You need the standalone skin editor (12c) to invoke the wizard which allows you to deploy to these web applications.  
  • Hierarchy Viewer Enhancements:
    • Support for drag and drop
    • Ability to disable drag for individual nodes
    • Auto pan Hierarchy Viewer when dragging and dropping to bring hidden nodes into view
    • Option to disable node detail window
  • Paging Support for Pivot Table and Gantt: Pivot Table now provides support for both row and column paging. Gantt supports paging similar to the TreeTable support. Both components allow configuration of the paging vs. scrolling via the new scrollPolicy attribute.
  • Pivot Table Enhancements:
    • Ability to always display layer headers
    • Ability to wrap header labels
    • An API to control the percentage of screen real estate allocated to the header region
  • Table Enhancements:
    • Support for freezing the right most columns in a table so that a scroll bar appears on the left side of the frozen columns.
    • Table/TreeTable - Both components allow configuration of the paging vs. scrolling via the new scrollPolicy attribute.
  • Calendar support for 15min appointments and the ability to zoom in:
    • Time slots are configurable and need not be fixed at 30 minutes
    • Support zoom-in/zoom-out of the calendar
  • File Upload Enhancements: 
    • Support chunked file transfer for large file uploads
    • Support for multiple file upload using HTML5 UI where available, and non-HTML5 with java applet. Includes a Drag and Drop interface and a progress bar.

ADF Model

  • Support complex types in service based EOs: Allow attributes of complex types to be exposed in Service-Based EOs.
  • Support Date Effective VO for Business Event: With Data Effective VOs, new support for the "Update" business event, raised on the new row.

ADF Business Components

  • New ADF BC audit rules: New audits are added to ensure
    1. DT is managing generated Java files
    2. Order of attributes in BC definition files is the same as the corresponding .java files
    3. EO discriminator columns are selected in VO
    4. A view attribute based upon an entity attribute with a SQL expression should have its own derived expression

ADF Desktop Integration

  • Support for Progress Indication Bar: While downloading/uploading the user gets a visual progress bar indicator of the overall progress and individual records processing
  • Support for self-signed certificates: Users can ignore warnings from self-signed certificates. Useful for dev and test deployments.
  • Merge Cell Support: Allows a form component to be inserted into a merge cell range
  • Client-Server version mismatch warning: Displays a warning if the ADFdi client and server versions do not match.
  • ADFdi Performance Enhancements: Choice list caching optimization. 10x reduction in time for some cases. Upstream compression. Reduces payload size by up to 90% improving upload times by as much as 30% in high latency (WAN) scenarios
  • ADFdi DT Enhancements: Delete multiple components at once. Drag and drop from bindings palette. Default runtime values for resource properties.

Bug Fix List

Num Component Subcomp Subject
13927675 ADFSHARE ADF_CONTEXT_RT java.lang.classcastexception: oracle.adf.share.el.adfcontextelresolver cannot be
13732667 ADFSHARE ADF_LIBRARY psr:perf:adf issue adding cache headers
13892683 ADF_FACES DT js errors when running a adf page
14319066 ADF_FACES DT no refactoring on sort property
14637608 ADF_FACES DT exception errors when launching ide in database/customization roles
14722313 ADF_FACES DT af:setpropertylistener not a valid child of inputlistof
14474815 ADF_FACES DT_SKINNING skineditor adf libraries throw error in jdev resource palette
13551611 ADF_FACES RT entered value changes for long data type attribute on adf ui
13731476 ADF_FACES RT remove queued events/partialtargets after applyrichresponse completes...
13832015 ADF_FACES RT idm:oaam faces messages seem to be cached
14027251 ADF_FACES RT loopback script doesn't work when put sessionid in query param in weblogic.xml
14480328 ADF_FACES RT npe error on table selection in facesctrlactionbin
14572215 ADF_FACES RT em/worklist/workspace hang in internet explorer when working through instances
13454536 ADF_FACES RT_ACCESSIBLE acc: moving focus out of popup does not scope out popup
14256584 ADF_FACES RT_DRAGDROP regression: dragging components in firefox do not get styles copied
13570827 ADF_FACES RT_INPUTOUTPUT top of rte overlays component above
13770561 ADF_FACES RT_INPUTOUTPUT input slider with min val -1, not working
13833569 ADF_FACES RT_INPUTOUTPUT styling the af:messages/ tag produces unexpected results when inline is set to
13880436 ADF_FACES RT_INPUTOUTPUT cannot add empty desktop file attachment to task form
14005406 ADF_FACES RT_INPUTOUTPUT rich text parse error at position: -1, unclosed element: table
14365178 ADF_FACES RT_INPUTOUTPUT regression: contextinfo on commandlink not aligned
13704455 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT accordion in portlet stuck after reload when used in webcenter application
13816985 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT resizing the panelsplitter breaks all actions on a page
14015969 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT simplified dom structure for decorative box
14015972 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT simplified dom structure for paneltabbed and navigationpane (tabs, bar)
14015976 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT simplified dom structure for panelaccordion
14015983 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT simplified dom structure for panelheader and showdetailheader
14015985 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT simplified dom structure for panelbox
14319187 ADF_FACES RT_LAYOUT af:paneldashboard/panelbox doesn't show border properly in high contrast mode
13579427 ADF_FACES RT_LOV lov dropdownlist display of last row is illegible
13579676 ADF_FACES RT_LOV 2d inputcomboboxlistofvalues with autossuggest returns the list from first list
13939167 ADF_FACES RT_LOV valuechangelistener does not work properly with autosuggest in input component
14147723 ADF_FACES RT_MENUTOOLBAR double click on action button in task form results in stack trace in detail form
14786099 ADF_FACES RT_MENUTOOLBAR menu scrolls through items till the end on ie9
12970201 ADF_FACES RT_NAVIGATION investigate and prototype remote task flows
13416210 ADF_FACES RT_NAVIGATION unable to disable button using client side js
13893949 ADF_FACES RT_NAVIGATION cannot stream 2 rables within same remote region
13894189 ADF_FACES RT_NAVIGATION handle case where a containing component was marked dirty after render of rr
14252358 ADF_FACES RT_QUERY query panel errors out while loading the
13800077 ADF_FACES RT_REGION fix handling of the regionremoterefreshevent
14239952 ADF_FACES RT_REGION add support for sending authorization token on initial request
14262325 ADF_FACES RT_REGION region client component view id null for remote regions
14343685 ADF_FACES RT_REGION failure to handle null in url encoding is causing regression in dvt
13772244 ADF_FACES RT_SKINNING create test for functionality in bug 13572821
12945644 ADF_FACES RT_TEST support of latest firefox (ff6.x) browser with selenium needed for fusion apps
15847688 ADF_FACES RT_TEST backport of 13954398 convert lov and query tests in ps6 to use webdriver
13262158 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE sorting on af:table possible although af:query has required attributes
13591912 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE  table wrapping behavior gmail emailable mode
13987900 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE code optimization to avoid unnecessary el eval
14174652 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE ie9: af:table vertical scrollbar reset at the top position
14259343 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE culumn header heigh goes higher on ie8 if frozen attribute is set true
14305179 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE value not updated when using active row key and switcher in clicktoedit mode
14329283 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE 'clear all' feature on table doesn't work if there is no result in the table
14568973 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE column header height is not correct if using multiple columns in a table
14627539 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE ie max row navigation possible using table scroll is ar
14723912 ADF_FACES RT_TREE_TABLE javascript error occurs on ie when trying to drag the header of column group
14263021 ADS EVENT_MANAGER a node inserted into tree using active data service doesn't align with sibling
14055959 CONTROLLER ADFC_DT should not have remote-invocable flag for a bounded task flow using page
14077590 CONTROLLER ADFC_DT remote connection name list box is not populated for dynamic regions
13741317 CONTROLLER ADFC_REGION backingbeanscope bean instantiated for wrong region
14579575 CONTROLLER ADFC_REGION dynamic taskflow id error
14642200 CONTROLLER ADFC_REGION dynamic taskflow id error
14077463 CONTROLLER NAVIGATION no meaningful error message if the remote task flow doesn't exist:
14078005 CONTROLLER NAVIGATION not able to switch from one remote region to anther remote region
14137601 CONTROLLER NAVIGATION region inside a remote region doesn't work
14205578 CONTROLLER NAVIGATION should have error message if no parameter passed to remote region which requires
14344881 CONTROLLER NAVIGATION npe after use browse back button if the uncommitted data warning showing earlier
14823437 CONTROLLER NAVIGATION harmless exception for one region test
14489359 CONTROLLER STATE_MGT logger message not correctly printing parameters
14489877 CONTROLLER STATE_MGT add detection and logging for missing adfv implementation
14239879 DATABIND ADAPTER_RT sorting on range paging does not work correctly
13604501 DATABIND BEAN range paging for bean data control
14204129 DATABIND BEAN beandc paging api
14796128 DATABIND BINDING_EDITOR comment in accessors of pagedef and edit tree binding editor fail
14085185 DVT BINDING_RT issue with launching contextual actions in pivot table
14768350 DVT BINDING_RT dvt-databindings.jpr uses incorrect std_runtime to
13701866 DVT GEOMAP this._themeinfotable is undefined in adfdhtmlgeomap- after rel
13826236 DVT GEOMAP increasing memory consumption in ie8 and ie9
14002218 DVT GEOMAP patch installation containing changed java script requires flush browser cache
13833165 DVT GRAPH need support for setting custom number formatting string for chart axis
13693940 DVT PIVOTTABLE datepicker in chrome not selectable
14079506 DVT PIVOTTABLE issue with performing ppr on cells in pivot table with colon. semicolon
14630847 DVT PIVOTTABLE backport 14527213:setting datamodel to null clears value expression for value
13924490 EWT (null) menu tree bean in form throws npe in jre 7 while closing
14190229 EWT (null) string is wrongly getting flipped even when using lro character in jdk 1.6
14823750 EWT (null) support for antialiasing in ewt
14038849 FDI FDI_SERVER npe in zerorowhelper.clonezerorowviewaccessordef
12401192 JBO APP_MODULE_DT am editor fails when tried to edit jbo.envinfoprovider
14244572 JBO DT_UI avoid using abstract methods in the enum in entity/viewrowimpl
13888351 JBO EO_RT entityimpl.afterpost is not called deleting eos in batch mode
13695303 JBO RT filtering/sorting on a transient eo column throws ora-00904
14218401 JBO RT search field with prefix wildcard (%) and displayed improper apps error
14505456 JBO RT ps6 backport-sql generation fails if vo attr is mapped to eo attr with 'null' sql expr
14797358 JBO SERV_INT_RT viewobject exposed as sdo with access mode set to page ranging doesn't work with
14065683 JBO SIMPL_CUST expose new onattributeupdated trigger for composer users
14157358 JBO SIMPL_CUST business editors value map editor shows only 25 rows in available lookup list
14243438 JBO SIMPL_CUST currency attr updateable property section is not aligned properl
14394518 JBO SIMPL_CUST newview() help text mentions internal config details
14540114 JBO SIMPL_CUST sqlexception: attempt to set a parameter name due to ext setup
14121074 JBO VO_DT unable to extend the view object invoicesearchresultsvo in the ireceivables page
13598138 JBO VO_RT findbykey doesn't work on staticlist vo
14239828 JBO VO_RT incorrect defaultassocconsistent flag when vc is applied with where
13917844 JDEV ADRS app serv navigator starts wrong integrated wls definition
13979050 JDEV ADRS cannot install default domain of integrated weblogic server
14515309 JDEV ANT support for creating application level build.xml files
14667848 JDEV AUDIT audit/code assist does not handle jdk 7 exception changes
12992112 JDEV BEAN_DATABIND issue when using boolean in pojo's datacontrol
14019569 JDEV BEAN_DATABIND table sort on ejb bindings executes full pagination
14198884 JDEV BEAN_DATABIND table sort on ejb bindings executes full pagination
14300697 JDEV BEAN_DATABIND range paging/scrollable paging support at same time in beandc
13262064 JDEV DB apps: support additional 11g composite partitioning options
13696977 JDEV DB_OFFLINE foreign key constraints sometimes generate invalid ddl
13589741 JDEV DB_SXML apps: invalid index compression value generated in the index attributes sxml
13971200 JDEV DB_TRANSFER tables imported from database could not be updated by jdev update api
13260568 JDEV DB_USERPROPS apps: udp not cleared on commit if changed to default value
13262057 JDEV DB_USERPROPS apps: selective display of udp based on certain conditions
14272121 JDEV DEBUGGER protected jsp cannot be debugged after upgrade to jdeveloper 11g
13573539 JDEV DEPLOY nice to match the jdev ui with lastest cloud sdk command line arg format
14260424 JDEV IDE wsdl editor issue with refactoring
14822665 JDEV IDE_SPLASH_SCR update the copyright dates for the splashscreen copyrights to read 1997, 2013
13108646 JDEV JAVADOC_GEN outofmemoryerror exceptions when running javadoc against very large projects
13851483 JDEV JSP_DT  java.lang.illegalargumentexception when op
13992526 JDEV JSP_DT three column layout is not working
13838714 JDEV WEB_SERVICES ojaudit - nullpointerexception and java.lang.classcastexception
14381163 JDEV (null) ps5 : jdev : ide : 'report a bug'/'my bugs' tool erroring out.
13494219 RCS BI nls:dashboard drill in failed in wc ingegration env when username is non_english
14065271 RCS BI setting parameters to bi reports at runtime gives npe
14178027 SECURITY SECURITY_RT nls:logout failed in wcp application deployed to japanese environment
13592112 TRINIDAD RT clicking next or previous twice on trinidad table may cause data to copy to next
13896432 TRINIDAD RT_TREE_TABLE promote rowkeypropertymodel/rowkeypropertytreemodel to trinidad
false ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,