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 Interview with Kris Rice at Oracle Open World 2011
 General Oracle Podcasts
 Interview With Barry McGillin Oracle Podcast Series: Easy Migration to Oracle Database 11g (Jul '10)
 Interview With Sue Harper Oracle Podcast Series: Oracle SQL Developer Release 2.1 Features (Feb '10)
 Interview With Kris Rice Director of Database Tools Development explains the unique features of Oracle SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeler for database application developers at Oracle OpenWorld Live (Nov '09)
 Interview With Kris Rice View the video where Kris speaks about the newest release of Oracle SQL Developer at OPP/APEXposed 2009 Event in Atlanta. (Nov '09)
 Interview With Sue Harper Oracle SQL Developer: Dig the New Data Modeler! (Jul '09)
 Interview With Sue Harper ODTUG does a phone interview with Sue Harper, product manager of SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeling. (Nov '08)
 Mark Harrison, from Pixar, talks about SQL Developer's latest release and the benefits they have found working with SQL Developer.(MP3) (Jun '08)
 James Hughes talks about how they automate business processes in custom applications developed using Oracle Data Provider for .NET and SQL Developer. (Mar '08)
 SQL Developments At Oracle OpenWorld 2007, Oracle product manager Sue Harper talks with Oracle Magazine about the past, present, and future of Oracle SQL Developer. (Nov '07)
 Lewis Cunningham Podcast interview with Kris Rice and Sue Harper (June '07)

SQL Developer: Beyond the Command Line (MP3)

Books and Magazine Articles
Oracle SQL Developer 2.1
Improving Application Performance (Oracle Magazine Mar/Apr '09)
Programming Productively (Oracle Magazine Nov/Dec '08)
Document, Monitor, and Manage (Oracle Magazine Sept/Oct '08)
Managing File Versions (Oracle Magazine July/August '08)
Making Database Connections (Oracle Magazine May/June '08)
Building Queries Visually (Oracle Magazine March/April '08)
Working with PL/SQL (Oracle Magazine Nov/Dec '07)
Moving to an Oracle Database (Oracle Magazine Sept/Oct '07)
Extending SQL Developer (Oracle Magazine July/August '07)
Now Reporting (Oracle Magazine May/June '07)
Oracle SQL Developer Soars (Oracle Magazine May/June '06)
Making the Most of Oracle SQL Developer Reports (Oracle Magazine July/Aug '06)
The Raptor Has Landed: Using Oracle's New Free PL/SQL IDE ( Apr '06)
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