How-To Document

How-To Connect to Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

Date: 13-MAR-2006

This How-To details how use Oracle SQL Developer to connect to your Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE).

  • Startup Oracle SQL Developer.
  • From within the Connections navigator on the left side of the tool, right-click on Connections.
  • Select New Database Connection.
  • Enter the following information:
    • Connection Name: XE
    • Username: Whatever user you have created or SYS or SYSTEM if you have not created a user yet
    • Password: The password for your user or the default password you entered for SYS and SYSTEM
    • Hostname:
      This is only the hostname if your are running SQL Developer on the same machine where your XE is installed.
    • Port: 1521
    • SID: XE
  • Click Connect

Your Connections will be expanded for you and a SQL Worksheet will be opened on the right side of the tool against your new connection. You can click the + to the left of your new Connection to view the objects accessible to the connected user or can enter SQL and PL/SQL commands into the SQL Worksheet.

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