Oracle SQL Developer 3.0: Pricing and Release FAQ


Date: March 2011


Oracle SQL Developer and Pricing :

Is Oracle SQL Developer free?

Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Support :

Is Oracle SQL Developer supported by Oracle Support?
The latest production release of SQL Developer is supported by Oracle Support for any customers with support for the database they are using SQL Developer against. If customers encounter bugs in earlier releases that are fixed in a later release, they will be encouraged to upgrade to the latest release. Users are encouraged to log any issues through Oracle Support.

Are the Early Adopter releases of Oracle SQL Developer supported by Oracle Support?
No, the Early Adopter releases of SQL Developer are not supported. Users are expected to upgrade to a production release.

Is Oracle SQL Developer supported against Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE)?
Yes. SQL Developer is certified to run against XE. Please note that XE is only supported through the XE OTN Discussion Forum, so this is the only form of support available when running against XE.

What Database versions are supported?Oracle SQL Developer is certified to run on 10g databases and above.

For other certification questions, please refer to the Certifications document on OTN.


Oracle SQL Developer and other Products:

Is Oracle SQL Developer functionality available in Oracle JDeveloper?
Yes, Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.6 is available in Oracle JDeveloper 11g.

Will SQL Developer continue to be a standalone tool?
Yes, Oracle SQL Developer will continue to be a standalone tool targeting Oracle Database Developers.

Will SQL Developer be shipped with the database?
Yes, Oracle SQL Developer is shipped with Oracle 11g Release 1 and Oracle 11g Release 2 and will continue to be shipped with the database in the future.

Does Oracle SQL Developer functionality support TimesTen In-Memory Database?
Yes, starting from Oracle SQL Developer 1.5, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is supported.

Does Oracle SQL Developer support Oracle Data Mining?
Yes, starting with Oracle SQL Developer 3.0, there is a free Oracle Data Miner extension to SQL Developer.