Oracle Text

Oracle Text uses standard SQL to index, search, and analyze text and documents stored in the Oracle database, in files, and on the web. Oracle Text can perform linguistic analysis on documents, as well as search text using a variety of strategies including keyword searching, context queries, Boolean operations, pattern matching, mixed thematic queries, HTML/XML section searching, and so on. It can render search results in various formats including unformatted text, HTML with term highlighting, and original document format. Oracle Text supports multiple languages and uses advanced relevance-ranking technology to improve search quality. Oracle Text also offers advanced features like classification, clustering, and support for information visualization metaphors.

Technical Information

  Oracle Text in Oracle Database 12c
 White Paper (PDF)
 New Features (PDF)
 Customer Presentation (PDF)
 12c Technical Overview and Code Sample (ZIP)
  Text Mining
 Text Mining with Oracle Text (PDF)
 Classification and clustering in Oracle Text (PDF)
 XML Features
  Text Performance
 Pre-loading Oracle Text Indexes into Memory
 MDATA - Tips and Tricks
 Progressive Relaxation - improving relevance and recall
 The CTXCAT Index type
  Other Information
 Oracle Text FAQ
 English Knowledge Base Category Hierarchy (PDF)
  Technical Overviews
 Oracle Text Technical Overviews


Selected Papers and Presentations
 TREC Benchmark and Text Retrieval Quality
 TREC-8 Quality Benchmark (PDF)
 TREC-10 Statistical classification (adaptive and batch) and question-answering (PDF)
 Feature Preparation in Text Categorization (PDF)
 Setting up an Index Maintenance Regime for Oracle Text
 How Oracle Text processes text DML
 Using Alternative Filters for Filtering PDF Files
 Performance FAQ
 Search Enable a Web site
 20th Unicode conference presentation (ZIP)
 Text Mining with Oracle - Text Mining Summit (PPT)


Customer Presentations and Case Studies
 Case Study: Motorola (PDF)
 Case Study: IronMountain (PDF)
 Case Study: World Bank (PDF)